11 September 2006

Shortest. Post. Ever.

by Dan Phillips

Sermon God and Our Tragedies, preached 9-11-05, by me.

UPDATE: Kim listened, and posts a review/summary here.

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Cindy said...

Dan, people across the blogosphere are commemorating victims of 9/11 today as part of the 2,996 project. By "chance," I was assigned the name of a woman who was an active, vibrant Christian--Jean Hoadley Peterson. Just recounting her story has been a blessing to me. My tribute is on my blog today.

DJP said...

Thanks, Cindy; very touching. I hadn't heard that Bibles were found at the crash site.

There is a on John Piper's site about 9-11 today.


I don't seem to be smart enough to figure out how to capture the URL of the show itself. Anyone?

Mathew Sims said...

Good message Dan!

Soli Deo Gloria

Patrick Chan said...

Hey Dan,

Here ya go! :-)

BTW, I'm not sure this should count as a "short post" if you link to your own lengthy sermon! Just kidding. ;-)

Steve said...

DJP said: "Shortest. Post. Ever."

Apparently that passing reference Phil made to the l-e-n-g-t-h of one of your recent posts has stuck with you.

DJP said...

What are you saying, Steve? That I'm thin-skinned? Is that what you're saying? Is that it? Huh??

< slams keyboard >

Steve said...

*backs away slowly, warily eyeing Dan's sword*