13 January 2007

As long as we're already well into the middle of nowhere....

by Phil Johnson

ll right. Everybody outta the bus.

That's officially the end of all discussion and comments regarding Francis Chan's video, the free offer of the gospel, the attitude of God toward the reprobate, the will of God regarding the salvation of surfer-dudes, and all related questions, until I bring the subject up again.

This should be a short moratorium, because I do still intend to post on the subject as promised in a few days or at most a week or so.

But in the meantime, until I break silence on the subject, anyone who comments further on these subjects here (or snipes at TeamPyro about it from another blog) will be banned from our meta for at least two months.

And (if I may paraphrase John Piper) we have several drive-by commenters and a couple of regulars who deserve to get their backsides kicked.

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