14 February 2007

Simeon. Cool.

by Phil Johnson

ur friends at Logos Bible Software (an all-around excellent program) have just announced the coming release of Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae Commentary (21 volumes). Spurgeon said of this work:

Horae Homileticae; or, Discourses digested into one continued series, and forming a Comment upon every book of the Old and Near Testament; 21 vols. 8vo. Seventh edition. Lond., H. G. Bohn. 1845. S.f2 10s. [Being the entire works of Charles Simeon, with Copious Indexes, prepared by T. Hartwell Horne.] Not Commentaries, but we could not exclude them. They have been called "a valley of dry bones": be a prophet and they will live.
Spurgeon read Simeon and occasionally quoted from him. He began his commentary on Psalm 11 with Simeon's summary. Our favorite Superstar Brit blogger, Dr. Warnock, apparently had a hand in encouraging this edition of Simeon's works.

Our own Dan Phillips wrote a bit about Simeon and Wesley just a month ago.

This looks like a great resource. I haven't read Simeon, because his works have always been so hard to find. So I'm glad Logos will be making these works available in this excellent, fully searchable format. Projected release date: "7/10/2007" (Is that July 10, or October 7? I don't know. How you read a date like that depends on whether you're American or not.) In any event, perhaps when we've had a chance to review them, one of us Pyros will write a more complete evaluation. We're going to lobby for some pre-release review copies.

But I can tell you already: this would be a much better way to spend your birthday money than loading up on Frank's Pyro-junk.

And I really love my Pyro-T-shirts, so that's a pretty strong recommendation for the Simeon works.

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Armen said...

This is an interesting blog brother/brethren. I shall be putting a link to you on my blog.

May God anoint your ministry.

FX Turk said...

Unless you're a schemeradactyl.

ricki said...

Logos needs to get its Mac version out first ... then this other stuff would be cool.

Fred Butler said...

So Phil,
Does this mean we can have Ted purchase this for our computers here at work? I am due for a logos update anyways.


Doug said...

Perhaps Logos could put out a special "Historical Writings of Schmeradactyls."

DJP said...

"Your best Schmeradactyl NOW!"

"The Purpose-Driven Schmeradactyl"

"Schmeradactyls in the Balance"

"A Generous Schmeradactyloxy"

"The New Perspective on Schmeradactyls"

And, of course:

"The Schmeradactyl Code"

Dan said...

Hey Fred, good news... the former Systems Administrator from Logos Bible Software, Gabe Powell, is going back to Seminary (guess which one) and just started working for Grace To You on Monday.

Maybe he can hook you up with your Logos Bible Software upgrade! :-)

Unknown said...

Phil, thanks for the link!

Projected release date is July 10...Yank style.

After our "Prayer of Schmeradactyl" offering bombed we lost interest in the whole Schmeradactyl thing.

Daniel Foster
A Logos Blogger

Armen said...

by the way...incase you're interested. My blog is found at www.armensblog.com