24 April 2007

* BUMP *

by the TeamPyro P.R. Wonk

Yes: we are in the running for "Best blog ever" and "best religion blog", but some people are put off that they have to register to vote -- they ar afraid of SPAM. Personally, I'd be a lot more afraid of PUTTING MY BIRTHDAY INTO A FIELD ON THE INTERNET, but suit yourself.

The birthday thing you can fudge -- just put Jan 1 of the start of the decade you were born in. For example, if your B'Day is August 1967, you put 1/1/1961 in the B'Day field, and continue. That's close enough for them.

The spam thing can be a little trickier. You could set up a bogus e-mail account at Yahoo and then abandon it after you have confirmed and voted, but that sounds like a lot of trouble. Here's how to avoid getting spam:

register at Blogger awards, but for your e-mail address type in (blogger.user.name) [at] (iturk.com). I am the sole administer of iturk.com, so I get all the e-mail that comes there.

I will clear all the confirmations that come in to iturk.com and place votes for them for TeamPyro. If you have other votes you want to place, you'll be able to do that yourself after I confirm your account, which will be about every 6 hours, if you don't mind.

Because I want to win this thing. We have enough readers to win this thing. We won't win without you.


Rhology said...

Voted via iturk. You guys r0><0r2!

Unknown said...

How 'bout a link to where you want your dear readers to vote?? Google turns up the "Blogger's Choice Awards" at bloggerschoiceawards.com. Is that what you're campaigning for?

C. M. White said...




Is it Pastor Phil who's the celebrity, or Pecadillo (since he was on the news)?

Sled Dog said...

So...you've nominiated yourselves and now your vote-grubbing as well? Should make the victory very meaningful! ;-)

Kay said...

Self-promotion is an art form, Frank is a virtuoso. And my vote was number three, I think. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the registrations, I will fear no spam...

Doug McMasters said...

All we need now is an offer of pay for votes (or, how about a free Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy).

FX Turk said...

Sled Dog:

We could have just put the badge on the front page, but that's way too understated.



I would never pay anyone to vote for us. twice.

Trinian said...

Now... YOU know you're not cheating, but might their software pick this method up as cheating, since the majority of your votes will all be coming from the same domain?

Just sayin' - I still voted for you.

FX Turk said...


[1] It's not cheating to avoid giving them your e-mail address.

[2] I know you voted for us because you used iturk.com to register.

Char said...

I voted for you guys, however I don't know that Pyromaniacs can overcome the juggernaut that is cute overload.

That blog is PURE GOLD.

philness said...

done it.