04 August 2007

Social Construction

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FX Turk said...

Boy, that's gotta sting.

But, sadly, it didn't bring anyone to Jesus, so, you know, "like ministry", dude. You should do more ministry rather than bringing me down.

Now I'm going to play in the sunshine where it's warm and stuff, and you can just go be a rain cloud someplace else. Jesus hates haters, man.

FX Turk said...

Isn't that Mensa Reject on the left on the second one? My left.

goasktheplatypus said...

Exactly what I was thinking.

I suppose it's unloving for me to call their reaction hypocrisy. But it's my honest opinion.

So what do emergents value more: tolerance or transparency?

Solameanie said...

"I'm shocked..SHOCKED..that there is satire going on in here!" (Interrupted by waiter)

"Your next tweak, sir..." (hands poster to Phil)

"Thank you very much. Clear the room immediately!"

**With thanks to Claude Rains and Casablanca**

Will Rogers said...


Kay said...

You can't work a waaaambulance into this somewhere?

Now, now boys, it's not big and it's not clever.

Oh, alright then, it is.

Ken Silva said...

You know, I have to wonder here. The Christ followers in the emerging church are all about engaging culture, hanging out with sinners, and going to the pub to discuss Jesus.

Well I wonder, why don't they just reimagine that there's a hip new stand-up comic performing at one of these pubs and she is using these lines in her act.

Pretty funny stuff.

terriergal said...

Another couple of brilliant ones.

The more I talk to emergents, the more dizzy I get trying to keep up with jumping trains of thought. Lord, open their eyes, if it be your will.

Certainly this great delusion social gospel, seeker-sensitive, emergent, mysticism all converging in one homogenous mish-mash is serving to purify His church...usually outside the four walls of the building.

I don't know if my comment at CRN.info and analysis (they actually created a site just for psychoanalyzing the people at CRN? Wow...that's flattering!) will get posted, but here is what I sent to them:

Comment from Paula
Time: August 5, 2007, 12:04 am

“I sometimes feel sorry for the watch doggies. I mean, if I realized that my way of doing church was going to be obsolete in a matter of years with the culture shift taking place around the globe. ”

Then… what? could you complete the sentence, please? isn’t this kind of like the guy in Luke 18 saying “Boy I’m glad I’m not like THAT guy…”

Daniel C said...

'my way of doing church is going obselete'

Heh, if you can't convince people from Scripture, just pretend you are a Prophet (capital P) ... Eh, wait, you mean Scripture contains more than narrative?

Anonymous said...

The emergents remind me of my five year-old. We were playing the other day and he thought it was fun to flick mom on the head. I finally flicked him back and he yelled, "Hey! That hurt!"

Ken Silva said...

Everyday Mommy made me laugh right out loud...

Quintin said...

These posters ring all too true. There are some great posters here that could be used in an 'emerging' setting.

Mel said...

But what did this accomplish?

Anonymous said...


What did Van Gogh painting Starry Night accomplish?

"Accomplish" is an oppressive category of modernity that binds human effort to outdated cultural norms.

Habitans in Sicco said...

"But what did this accomplish?"

Hey, I was amused, uplifted, and encouraged.

. . . and that's no small thing.

Mike Clawson said...

Your response here is so familiar... it reminds me of Jr High when the bullies would tease and mock and tear people down, and then when someone would finally stand up for themselves and say "You know, that's really not funny," the bullies would respond with "Whatsa matter? Can'tcha take a little joke?"

Keep mocking guys. Keep mocking.

Habitans in Sicco said...

Mike Clawson:

Your response reminds me of Paris Hilton's complaint that her repeated arrests for drunk driving prove she is being picked on.

Oh, and be sure to let us know when some Emergents "stand up for" anything. I'd love to see that.

Keep whining, girls. Keep whining.