21 October 2007

Full of Grace and Truth

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt is from The Treasury of David, Spurgeon's exposition of Psalm 138:2:

he person of Jesus is the temple of the Godhead, and therein we behold the glory of the Father, "full of grace and truth."

It is upon these two points that the name of Jehovah is at this time assailed—his grace and his truth. He is said to be too stern, too terrible, and therefore "modern thought" displaces the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and sets up an effeminate deity of its own making.

As for us, we firmly believe that God is love, and that in the summing up of all things it will be seen that hell itself is not inconsistent with the beneficence of Jehovah, but is, indeed, a necessary part of his moral government now that sin has intruded into the universe.

True believers hear the thunders of his justice, and yet they do not doubt his lovingkindness. Especially do we delight in God's great love to his own elect, such as he showed to Israel as a race, and more especially to David and his seed when he entered into covenant with him. Concerning this there is abundant room for praise.

But not only do men attack the lovingkindness of God, but the truth of God is at this time assailed on all sides; some doubt the truth of the inspired record as to its histories, others challenge the doctrines, many sneer at the prophecies; in fact, the infallible word of the Lord is at this time treated as if it were the writing of impostors, and only worthy to be carped at.

The swine are trampling on the pearls at this time, and nothing restrains them; nevertheless, the pearls are pearls still, and shall yet shine about our Monarch's brow. We sing the lovingkindness and truth of the God of the Old Testament,—"the God of the whole earth shall he be called."

David before the false gods first sang, then worshipped, and then proclaimed the grace and truth of Jehovah; let us do the same before the idols of the New Theology.
C. H. Spurgeon


donsands said...

"hell itself ... is, indeed, a necessary part of his moral government"

Hell is such a difficult truth to preach, and to study. It brings no joy to the heart, except the joy for the grace that saved me from hell.

Thanks for the "mini-sermon" before church.
Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Johnny Dialectic said...

Spurgeon to his preaching students: "When you speak of Heaven, let your face light up, let it be irradiated with a heavenly gleam, let your eyes shine with reflected glory. But when you speak of Hell, well, then your ordinary face will do."

The idea that anything is part of "moral government" is so foreign to itching ears today. They would much rather hear that they can become a better "you" and have their best life "now" without passing through the crucible of renunciation. So, they're hearing it. Osteen's new book has a first print run of 3 million copies.

Keith B said...

To echo donsands thanks for the "mini-sermon". The post and comments were a good way to start the Lord's Day.

Stefan said...

As the centre of the Industrial Revolution and an Empire that spanned a quarter of the world's land area, 19th-century London must have been on the very cutting edge of intellectual thought.

I'm repeatedly astounded that week afer week, Spurgeon railed against views and positions that are so widespread today and so taken for granted, that were evidently already in wide circulation in his day. Just as, fundamentally, every heresy seems to have its antecedent in one or another episode in the Bible; so too, every trend in Christianity today (a case can be made for that "today" to be capitalized) that strays from the Gospel seems to have already reared its ugly head within a few miles' radius of Metropolitan Tabernacle.

On that sobering note, God bless all of you on this wonderful day!

Stefan said...


Are all of these ephemera/memorabilia (i.e., postcards and the like) available to be viewed anywhere on the Internet? I have searched in vain through your wonderful Spurgeon Archive, but have only seen a few wallpaper images. It would be a nice feature for indulging a bit of time (as if you weren't busy enough with all your other responsibilities ;) )....

mkz said...

It never ceases to amaze how the passionate and educated exposition of the Word remains absolutely relevant regardless of the century.
Praise God for the gift God gave Mr. Spurgeon.

Phil Johnson said...


Some of them are photoshop tricks; others are real carte de visite that were up for auction on eBay, and I am merely using the image that was posted by the seller on e-Bay. The ones that are colorized, I added the color digitally. So the fact is, none of these really exist in the form you see them here.

Ditto for the lovely matchboxes in the right sidebar.

Stefan said...

Well, I figured as much with the matchbox. You do a great job with all your graphics, by the way. (Frank and Dan, too.)

Anonymous said...

I havent been to this site in some time but i am absolutely blessed to have read these words of a great preacher!