18 November 2007

Prayer Request Follow Up

by Phil Johnson

eep praying for Frank Turk's child, whose allergic reaction didn't significantly improve with the first round of treatment. (I noticed Frank—who is obsessive about not exposing his family to Internet miscreants—didn't mention the child's name, age, and current location, so I won't either.) But the child, who is very young, was taken to the emergency room this morning and given fluids and medication by IV for two hours—which had no perceptible effect.

Doctors nevertheless say the situation is stable; it is an allergic reaction to antibiotics (prescribed for a bad case of strep throat); and while there will be several days of of itching and splotchy skin; the doctors have prescribed more medication for those symptoms and told Mom and Dad to keep close watch.

So keep praying.

On a similar but entirely unrelated note, Darlene received word via e-mail yesterday that our good friend Libbie (the English Muffin) was also hospitalized this weekend, likewise because of a negative reaction to some prescription meds. Please pray for Libbie and also for her husband. They have several small children, so pray that Libbie's recovery will be quick and complete. The latest report we heard was very encouraging. We'll try to post more news when it's available.

But keep praying anyway.

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Even So... said...

I will...

steve said...

Thanks for the updates, Phil. Always a privilege to pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

donsands said...

Praying. Hebrews 4:16.

Al said...

It is most disconcerting when that which is supposed to heal you makes you worse. Frank, may God be near, solid and comforting when the whole world is distant, shifting and cold.

al sends

2 Cor 1:3-5

sbj said...

I am sure they have tried baby benadryl but what about a small dose of steriods like prednisone or cortizone?

This is not a diagnosis or a treatement just a little tid bit because I encountered the same problem.....I broke out in a massive rash like small pimples all over my back.....it was horrible and felt horrible when I rubbed my back. And it was itching really bad. As soon as I took 30 mg prednisone, it went away.

Clearly I had an allergic reaction but to what I will never know. It was obvious that I needed something stronger like steroids to deal with the severe allergic reaction.

Just a thought. Just trying to be helpful.

Sacchiel said...

My prayers are with them.

Stefan Ewing said...

Man, I stay away from this blog for a couple of days, and miss the pleas for healing.

I too will pray for Frank's son and Libbie. Our Redeemer lives, and He hears our prayers. May the sick be healed, and their loved ones' anxieties be allayed.

S.J. Walker said...

Prayers from Colorado Brother,

keep us posted.

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...


Kevin Williams said...

Praying for all involved.

Affy said...


No offence, its best to leave it to the doctors.

The tacky problem here is the the poor child has also a bacterial infection, which will be aggrevated if you were to administer an immunosuppressant such a a glucocorticoid (prednisolone, detramethasone, et al.). Strep can be deadly so it ought to dealt with first. Immunosuppression leads to other complications that can be lifethreatening in this case.

Best to leave it to the doctors. They know best. And of course, God.

Will pray.

FX Turk said...


An update to the update:

Everybody is finally home. We saw the best doctors in the state yesterday, and they are confident that (1) the strep is gone, and (2) the antibiotic caused the allergic reaction. Now what we have is a child who is almost perpetually itchy and red, which is its own kind of really annoying problem.

As a coincidence, my parents are down this week from NY for Thanksgiving, so we have some more ground support than we usually have, which is a blessing.

Now the big issue is sleep. Kids who itch from head to foot don't sleep very well, which means either mom or dad needs to be on-call. My wife took last night, but she's at the end of her sleep-deprivation rope, so I'll be on-deck tonight. The Doctors said up to 5 more days like this, so I'll prolly stay away from blogging until I have a stable sleep schedule.

Thanks to all who held out a hand to us in a time of need.

On the other note, please pray for Libby as she has a house full of little ones.

Solameanie said...

We're praying at my office...

Kim said...

Awww, Frank, I'm so sorry about this! Poor little guy. And you guys must be so tired.

I'm praying for you guys. Give Mrs. Centurion my best.

Phil, do keep us updated about Libbie when you hear.

Matt Gumm said...

This is what happens when I don't read blogs on the weekend.

Glad you made it home safe. Lord willing, we'll see you sometime this weekend.

And thanks for the call.

Stefan Ewing said...

Brother Frank:

As you know, coincidences are evidence of God's providence. It is terribly sad that this happened, but let's thank the Lord for His mercy, that your parents are visiting this week.

~Mark said...

Been prayin' since this mornin' and I'm gonna keep on prayin'.

Coram Deo said...

Frank personally banned me from commenting here - and up to this point I have duly observed said ban - however I'm breaking my silence in order to encourage Mr. Turk and pledge my prayers (such as they are) for the speedy and full recovery of his child.

In Christ,

Coram Deo said...

A day late and a dollar short! I see all's well with the little one.

Sorry for unnecessarily breaking the silence, Frank.

I'm glad things are fine with you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll now return to the outer darkness of lurk-dom.

Anonymous said...

How precious are our children and grandchildren.
I will continue to pray for the individuals and their families who post here. What a privilege to carry everything to our Lord in prayer.