02 March 2008

On Being Cool

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt is from "Unto You, Young Men," a sermon on 1 John 2:14, preached Wednesday evening, May 13th, 1868, at Westminster Chapel, London.

here are some who would think it far worse to be considered unfashionable than to be thought unchristian. To be unchristian would be but such a common accusation that they might submit to it; but to be unfashionable would be horrible indeed! Young men in London get to be affected by this. If the young men in the house are going to such-and-such an entertainment—they all read a certain class of books—if they are dissipated and skeptical, then the temptation is to chime in with them, and only the man who is strong, and hath the word of God abiding in him, will overcome the wicked one by doing the right alone. "Faithful among the faithless found."

C. H. Spurgeon


Stefan Ewing said...

Again, we're in the uncanny situation of Spurgeon's having his finger on specific trends that have persisted until (or reappeared) today. So jaded, worldly cynicism was de rigeur back then, too?

James Scott Bell said...

How many "young men" who take the pulpit today are "strong" enough to ignore the trendy thing and do what the Bible says--Preach the Word, in season, out of season?

Dave Marriott said...

I don't mind being unfashionable. That's why I have a friend of sinners graphic on my blog...

FX Turk said...

Hey -- that Friend of Sinners graphic is top-shelf.

Ben N said...

Test your pastor:

Step 1: After a sermon, go to him and tell him that in your opinion his sermon was boring and not relevant.

Step 2: Wait a couple of weeks. Then, after his sermon tell him that in your opinion his sermon had some serious doctrinal issues.

Step 3: Analyze which of these comments (Step1 or Step2) gets a more passionate response from your pastor.

DJP said...

Here's the irony:

The dandies, the fad-chasers of Spurgeon's day? Can you name them? Gone, forgotten, lost to a well-deserved obscurity.

But Spurgeon, who shrugged off calls to be "relevant" and cool?

Still preaching.

Reminds me of a story he himself tells (I think in "Lectures to My Students," not sure) of a Scots preacher who was urged to "preach to the times." He responded something like,

"You preach to the times, and let one poor brother preach to the ages."

Solameanie said...

Tsk, tsk tsk. Picking on the Emergent Church again. You guys are going to get reputations as meanies before too long.

Question for the day: Is it possible to be a meanie and yet relevant and fashionable? After all, I do possess a London Fog black trenchcoat made in the Orient.

Dave Marriott said...

Indeed it is!

S.J. Walker said...


"After all, I do possess a London Fog black trenchcoat"
...I don't know if I would admit that in public.

To all:

You know something that really encouraged to me? Just days ago, I was at the True Conference in AL. There were about 600 or so pastors, teachers, and other tasked slaves there. About half or more were under 35 I would say. Young men, learning, encouraging, learning, singing hymns,learning, preaching, learning, praying, praying, and praying.

Not an ounce of trendiness or fashion; not a smigeon of worldly influence (apart from the words to the music being on screens instead of books **gasp**; so sinful) :)

So good to see.