21 May 2008

Book Review Smackdown reminder

by Frank Turk

Just a reminder for you that next week I'll sponsor an open discussion of the contrast between two books: Pop Goes the Church by Tim Stevens, and The Courage to Be Protestant by David F. Wells.

You're in luck because this is a long weekend, and you can probably read Stevens' book Friday night and then have the long weekend to attempt to do Wells' book some justice.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me for noticing, but isn't Dr. Wells' book called "The Courage to Be Protestant"?

Al said...

Heh... Proud to be Protestant... funny.

That could be a Roman Catholic subtitle for the book.

I have ordered Wells' book and it should be here today. I know nothing about Stevens' book. Will it be required reading to join the conversation or can I just make assumptions about it and read the good book?

al sends

Barbara said...

"Just a reminder for you that next week I'll sponsor an open discussion of the contrast between two books: Pop Goes the Church by Tim Stevens, and Proud to be Protestant by David F. Wells."

Sola Superbia?

FX Turk said...


You are officially now my fact checker. For this post only, and only until 8:56 AM Central Time.

Subject to review, No Warranty is implied. Void where prohibited.



You have to read both to be somehow relevant (heh) to the conversation (heh heh).

Just like you have to grow up behind a strip club to be relevant to the kids. Soething like that.

FX Turk said...

BRK: Check the spelling on that last comment.

Chris Latch said...


I read the good book. I'm going to let others speak about the bad one.

(who has time to read bad books, anyway?)

FX Turk said...


Let me suggest something. I don't think you need to read all the bad books out there -- who has that kind of time?

However, if you're a reader and a person who is interested at some level to always give an account for the hope that lives within you, you need to know what's going on.

I think this next-to-last iteration of the church growth movement is an important apologetical issue -- because it speaks to what the church is and what it ought to be and do based on what it is. If you don't understand, for example, where guys like George Barna and Tim Stevens are coming from -- particularly and not just in general (and I single these guys out as leaders or perceived leaders in the class) -- you don't really have any reasonable way to critique the movement and its trajectory.

Does that make sense? How would your opinion differ from the one I just presented here?

steve said...

I'm reading both The Courage to Be Protestant and Why We're Not Emergent.

Don't know if I'll have time to read the Stevens book before the discussion begins. Does it count if I read about half a dozen pro-church growth books six months ago, and got very nauseous while doing so?

Incidentally, the writing in Why We're Not Emergent is outstanding. That's not something I've been able to say very often as a longtimer in Christian publishing.

greglong said...

I've read PGtC and am reading CtBP. Looking forward to the discussion.

Solameanie said...

I think it was Paul Crouch who said something along the lines that he didn't want to be called "Protestant" any more because he didn't have anything to protest about.


I can't wait to get a copy of Dr. Wells' book. Maybe I'll send Paul a copy of it.

James Joyce said...

you can probably read Stevens' book Friday night

Is that a preliminary "smack" for the smackdown?

FX Turk said...


You read it and report back how long it takes you, and then reconsider your question. I suggest to you that the book is written specifically to demand nothing of the reader except, perhaps, a couple of free hours.

If it takes any adult more than 3 hours to read that book, somebody let me know.

Anonymous said...

Spelling was fine...my days of happy correction after over LOL.

BRK - making the streets safer for author's book titles LOL

James Joyce said...


I have two small, active children. It sometimes takes me 3 hours to read a blog post. :o)

When I read the original post, I was already assuming that PGTC was "a lot of feathers but not much chicken."

I was once a bit caught up in the church growth movement. Time unwell spent.