26 August 2008

Coming attractions

by Phil Johnson

Springs Of Life Bible Church
Durham, NC
November 21-22, 2008

Send (or bring) your pastor.

BONUS: Click HERE to listen in on a conversation I had with James White earlier this year.

(Incidentally, James White and I will also be speaking at a conference together in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 20-24 August 2009. Watch this space for details.)

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FX Turk said...

You get all the great gigs, dude.

Andy Davis I know -- but who's James White?

Anonymous said...

Brisbane? Really?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Going to Oz?

If you're looking for another adventurous eating opportunity, be sure to try the Wichetty Grubs.

Dorian said...

Wow, James White and Phil Johnson together...that's like an unstoppable force and an immovable object...on the same team. What happens then? I can't wait to see.

Unknown said...

Great. If I had known this, I might have reconsidered moving across the country. :)

Mike said...

I am currently leading a small group with a series of DVDs called "The Truth Project" It is from Focus on the Family- and led by Del Tackett. It is an outstanding series, of about 12 hours of information regarding the battle for truth. God Bless you guys for pushing for the truth!

Rob Hughes said...

Hey Phil, could you and James swing around to London on your way to Aus??? :-) Hey, can't hurt to ask... :-)