30 September 2008

Nothing We Can Say: Total Eclipse of the Blog

by Phil Johnson

So despite what I said the other day, the archives will be available this month. Dan Phillips checked and found a way to turn off the comments without turning off the whole blog.

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Todd Friel, host of "Wretched," learns about TeamPyro's Month Off (Click picture to Listen)
So many loose ends; where does one start? Frank had one more post left in a series on the gifts. I'm tempted to say that series has ceased, but I know that would provoke an argument. I'm pretty sure he intends to finish it when we get back to blogging, but at the moment he has more important and more far-reaching things to do.

For those who have asked, my tooth finally seems to be healing well. But now I have a very annoying case of bronchitis. (It's going around the office. Even John MacArthur had it.) So I'm glad to have a break from the blog. Thanks for understanding.

Here are some places you can get a daily fix during our down time:
. . . and don't forget that we have some of the best blogs in the Christian blogosphere listed over there in the right sidebar.By the time you're caught up with all that, we'll be back. Adios Phil's signature

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