07 January 2009

TSK weighs in

een awhile since we've said much about the Emergenting situation. Here Tall Skinny Kiwi has reviewed my review of Emerging diversity. He's very kind.

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danny2 said...

it was a gracious article.

i couldn't quite tell is tsk was affirming this issue in his quote or just stating what emerg* claim, but:

There really is a lot of diversity in the emerging church movement, not necessarily because diversity is the goal (I disagree with Johnson here) but because the emerging church movement is NOT primarily a theological movement but rather a missional movement - where diverse individuals aggregate around a common cause - in this case - the call of Christ towards our "emerging culture" and all that it entails.

Missiology - Theology = Methodology

is that overly reductionistic?

FX Turk said...

You didn;t have to bump yourself, Phil.


Joe Selness said...

I think diversity in culture is inevitable and a great example of the global sovereignty of Christ, but that is different from diversity in theology.

I understand better each day how different emphases can enrich the body, but when an emphasis (grace over justice, social justice over evangelism) diminishes or contradicts another aspect of the Gospel, we get into trouble very quickly and unity becomes impossible.

We need to agree on the essentials of the Gospel, even as God gives us passions for certain aspects.

Classical Stephen said...

Hey Guys,
I follow your blog daily and appreciate all you do. I'm a Christian at uber-liberal Reed College in mega-liberal Portland, OR. I read your blogs every day to help keep things in perspective.

This Christmas break I've been reading some things that "I" want to read and have a little time for. I found a book by Franky Schaeffer called "Addicted to Mediocrity" and bought it thinking it was Francis Schaeffer. Only upon beginning it did I realize that it was his son. I really liked the book, so I looked into what he was up to now. As you probably already know, it's not pretty. I'd like to know what y'all think (or have already said) about his situation. Running through my mind is the maxim "There but for the grace of God go I." Learning of his shift (decline?) has caused me no little concern for my own life.

(I realize this isn't the topic of the post. Hope that's okay.)

Jake said...

Danny - I've also heard it said that the emerging church is more an ecclesiastical movement than theological.

I think where we run into trouble is that technically one's belief about Christian mission is a theology of mission just as one's belief about the church is really a theology of the church. In other words, missiology and ecclesiology are, technically, theology.

What I think is meant by the distinction though is to say that the movement isn't primarily about reformulating evangelical theology but rather reformulating how we relate to the non-Christian culture surrounding us.

For those reading who, like me, have some sympathies with emerging authors and pastors, is that a fair description?

archshrk said...

This issue/topic isn't my strength, not that I have a strength, but just so you know, this isn't it either - but...

Jake, from what I've seen and heard on the topic of Emergent Churches is that there are two different concepts of Emergent.

1) those who, like you point out, are simply looking/thinking of different ways to engage emerging cultures - in light of the gospel. (missiology)


2) those who are looking/thinking of different ways to understand the gospel. (theology)

The first group runs the risk of doings something different, just for the sake of being different. The second group runs the risk of watering down or compromising the gospel for the sake of a broader reach (something many churches do)

Anonymous said...

my mate alan hirsch puts it this way

christology - missiology - ecclesiology

and chris wright refers to a "missional hermeneutic" which has to do with understanding the Scriptures from a missional point of view - ie, through Christ in his messianic and missional role.

Chris said...
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