22 January 2010

Early-Bird Special

by Phil Johnson

The Psalm 119 Conference

14-15 May 2010
Dallas / Ft. Worth

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh-so-totally-off-topic, but just saw the pic in your twitter feed... congrats on the grand-daughter!

Now that's a shiny Penny :0)


donsands said...

That would be nice to attend. I like Todd, but he is just a tad over the top for me.
Mixed with Phil and this other fine men of the Lord might just be the perfect balance for a conference.

Lord bless you all, and His Word. Amen.

Rick Potter said...

I'm hoping I can go to this. It's close to my area.

Bryan Wayne said...

I'm so excited about this!!! Todd, Phil, and Justin all in the same place!!!

Can't wait!! Trying to get others to come with me.

Unknown said...

Got my flight booked. Looking forward to it.

CR said...

I don't know what anyone else thinks but I didn't really like the tone of your post.

DJP said...

True. "Worth" is such a judgey word.

Bart McCurdy said...

Apparently Benny Hinn will be in the Dallas area the night before the conference! What a great place to do some open air preaching!