14 February 2010

Friendship with the World Is Enmity against God

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt is from "I and the Children," a sermon preached Sunday Morning 20 September 1874 at the Met Tab.

o not believe that the common Christianity of the present age will carry anybody to heaven. It is a counterfeit and a sham. It does not make men to differ from their fellows, it pretends to faith and has none, talks about love and does not show it, brags of truth and evaporates it into thin air in its latitudinarian charity.

God give us back the real thing—stimuli, strong belief in the gospel, real faith in Jesus, real prayer to him, real spiritual power.

Then again there will be persecution, but it will only blow away the chaff and leave the pure wheat!

The world likes us better because we like the world better; it calls us friends because we doff our colors and sheathe our swords and play the craven; but if we preach and live the gospel in the old apostolic way, we shall soon have the devil roaring round the camp and the seed of the serpent hissing on all sides, but we fear not, for "the Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge."

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stratagem said...

"The world likes us better because we like the world better; it calls us friends because we doff our colors and sheathe our swords and play the craven"

...and sells a heck of a lot more books out of christian bookstores!

Erik Hoffman said...

Ahhh, Spurgeon. There he goes again, beating around the bush, afraid to say what he really thinks.

What a perfect mandate for Monday morning as I begin my week!

Johnny Dialectic said...

As long as we can have interpretive dance in the church service, I'm fine with this.

stratagem said...

I wonder if Spurgeon could have preached in the UK today, without being jailed for hate speech? Doubt it.

Penn Tomassetti said...


David said...

Every now and then I am struck by the similarities between Phil and Spurgeon. The force and the face.

Matthew M. Johnston said...

I recently heard some interesting things about Spurgeon;

speculation or fact?

- In his preaching class, if you were small/weak in stature and did not have a good set of lungs he would dismiss you.

If the way you walked to the pulpit was not a way in which he liked - you would be dismissed.

Dissmissed = no pastor for you :)

SamWise said...

A huge Anti-Calvinist (as in John 3:16 Conferencer) recently wrote on their website “For over thirty years I read at least one sermon by Charles Spurgeon every week.
What a preacher!”? :o

Only the blind would not see the irony in that!

Shh! What was that roaring and hissing I just heard????

cuz I can? said...
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