31 March 2011

Various unrelated "wins": Kregel tours, Vos in English, free books and resources, and more

by Dan Phillips

Howdy, gang. Hopefully at least one of the items in this little assortment will interest and/or help you.

First may ultimately seem self-serving, but I actually think it's a pretty terrific opportunity for many of you.

Kregel has been putting out some great books, of which three in recent years have been this one and this one and this one. Wellsir (and ma'am), they're inviting interested and qualified bloggers to apply to become Kregel bloggers and participate in blog tours as part of introducing new books. Kregel has significant, interesting, solid titles coming out in each catalog.

Who knows? In a few months, Lord willing, you may host me for a World-Tilting Gospel tour.

The qualifications really aren't at all out of reach. If you're interested, check it out.

Second, are you interested in a (first-ever) English translation of Geerhardus Vos' Gereformeerde Dogmatiek? Logos is gathering interest to fund just such a project. Check it out here and here.

Third but still with Logos: check out the current state of their March madness sale. I already took advantage of the sale on Exploring the Old Testament, vol. 3: The Psalms and Wisdom Literature (— duh!).

Fourth, Westminster bookstore's having a nice sale on a book for Christian collegiates (more details, obviously, here).

Fifth, if you have an iPhone or an iPad and haven't checked out Olive Tree BibleReader 5, I recommend it. It's fast, and more intuitive and powerful than ever; really a sweet app. I mention that in order to mention this: Olive Tree offers something like 120+ free resources. Check them out.

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Unknown said...

Ooh! That Kregel book-review tour sounds *sweet*, to put it common central NY phrasology. Applied!

I hope I am selected ( da blog ) and I look forward to your book Dan. Any word on a release date?

DJP said...

They're saying August. Any day now, I'll get a quick final look (gulp) at my baby, and then it's off to the presses.

Doug Hibbard said...

I picked up one of the NT books from Logos, registered with Kregel, and have already pre-ordered Vos' work.

Don't have an iPhone and am out of college.

So, I'm about .600 today. Which is .599 better than my NCAA picks were.

DJP said...

Wow; so the entire teleology of this post may well be how it helps Doug Hibbard.

< shrug >

To me, that's a "win."


RomansOne said...

The latest Logos 4 iTouch/iPhone/iPad app update is great, too (just came out yesterday, I believe) -- the user interface has been much improved. And with the Logos mobile app, if you have a live internet connection it lets you access several of the analysis/study tools (plus you can access hundreds of books from your Logos account). Though I still prefer Olive Tree Bible Reader 5 for most mobile use -- it truly is a "sweet app".

DJP said...

The Logos iPhone app is much-improved and pretty terrific. Olive Tree has going for it, I believe, that it's locally-installed and both fast and quite intuitive. I use and appreciate both.

RomansOne said...

I've been making use of the "available offline" feature in the Logos app. It's been a handy way to download select references from my Logos library (a commentary, or lexicon, etc.) to have on hand when I don't have an active connection (which is often the case with my iPod Touch). But Olive Tree is definitely faster, and also has all those great free resources that you'd have to buy in Logos.

Doug Hibbard said...

Hey, today I'm that one guy your post really meant something to :)

Chris Poe said...


You're not kidding about the Kregel book tour blogging qualifications not being that out of reach.

I haven't posted anything since October and have only had one period about two years ago in which I committed to blogging consistently and frequently. Yet after checking the stats, I find that even now I apparently have enough page views per month to qualify.

I figure the fact that I've done an interview with an author in the past and have done a few book reviews might work in my favor as well.

Thanks for bringing Kregel's blog tour to our attention. I know of other prominent "evangelical" publishers that have similar programs, but compared to some I think Kregel Publications may publish books that are more consistently of interest to Pyro readers.