14 April 2011

Proverbs book: invitation for (more) endorsers

by Dan Phillips

Let me say in opening that, though I am here to ask for something, it isn't money!

HSAT: I'm in a happy dilemma. I just tapped about all the folks I know to amass endorsers for World-Tilting Gospel for Kregel. Wonderful folks responded (thank you, every one of you), and a number of gracious souls drawn from that number are currently reading with a view to endorsing it.

But now, guess what? My Proverbs project has been moved to the front-burner. This is absolutely terrific news to me, of course. But what it also means is that I get to go beat the bushes to find some more gracious souls to consider endorsing that lengthy tome. (Reluctant, you will understand, to impose on those already doing me a favor to add yet another, so soon!)

Thank God, I already have some absolutely terrific brothers who have generously agreed to read and consider endorsing the Proverbs book. All I need now is... more.

What you need to know: it's not short! And the deadline the publisher is looking at for endorsements is the end of May.

What I am asking: interested parties meeting these criteria —
  1. If you are a published author, and/or you teach (preferably Old Testament) at some institution, and if you believe you can make the deadline, drop me a line.
  2. If you don't meet either specification, but know someone who does, to whom you might commend my meager effort, ask him to drop me a line.
What it is: The working title of the book is currently God's Wisdom in Proverbs: Hearing God's Voice in Scripture. I am dearly hoping that it makes a unique contribution to Proverbs literature. Here are some of the book's singular aspects:
  1. Written, and reaping benefits from, conviction of the Solomonic origin of the whole. (You'll be surprised to learn what a minority opinion that is among evangelical writers, and what difference it makes.)
  2. Deals with the Biblical text both in its historical/canonical position in the process of unfolding revelation, and in its larger Biblical context.
  3. Engages the Hebrew text; yet
  4. Crafted with a practical/pastoral focus and broad appeal (i.e. any reader can read, learn, profit).

Topics include:
  • How to read, understand and apply proverbs.
  • What the fear of Yahweh is.
  • How to find wisdom.
  • A fresh, closer look at the real meaning of Proverbs 1:7; 3:5-6; 22:6 (among others).
  • Wisdom for friends, singles, married couples, parents, children.
  • ...and other good stuff.
Sound like fun?

Of course, eventually I hope it sounds like fun to all of you and many others as well, God willing. But right now I need it to sound like fun to some additional endorsers. Lord willing, you will all have access to it in just a matter of months.

So if you fit the bill above or know someone who does... drop me a line.

My email is, without the spaces: filops @ yahoo.com

That is all. Thanks!

PS — I'd be tickled if a WTG endorser wanted to read this, too. Two already are, praise God. I'm just reluctant to pile on!

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Doug Hibbard said...

Unfortunately, I don't think the fledgling Doug Hibbard Almyra Bible Institute will count as an institution. Perhaps someday :)

DJP said...

Gotta say, though — that does have a ring.

David Regier said...

Will it be out in hardcover? That would make it more useful for fulfilling both halves of Proverbs 19:25.

DJP said...

I think yes, David — unless they do it in 287 little paperbacks, serial-style, as Stephen King did with The Green Mile. Which would defeat the purpose you so nobly mention.


The Squirrel said...

"A great read... Gripping... Dan Phillips really understands Proverbs. He's like Solomon himself, but without all the money and women and such..."

(Feel free to use that on the flyleaf...)



DJP said...

Often, endorsers read the book before giving endorsements, but... thanks!

The Squirrel said...

"Often, endorsers read the book before giving endorsements..."

Ideally, yes. But I've read way too many endorsements that indicate that the endorser had not read a word of what the endorsee had written.

Me? I've read a whole lot of what you've written... so I'm aware that you don't have a bunch of money or women...

But you do sound an awful lot like John Malkovich... Or so I've heard...


(Actually, I'm looking forward greatly to reading both of your books when they become available.)

DJP said...

Me too.


Scooter said...

"A great read... Gripping... Dan Phillips really understands Proverbs. He's like Solomon himself, but without all the money and women and such..."

This endorsement alone should get the book into Amazon's top 50 before the front cover is designed.

Although I think something more controversial is necessary to bump into the top 20.

"Proverbs, so close to the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius that one must ask, 'Are they one in the same person?" Could the ancient Chinese have been so advanced, they traveled back in time? Could Solomon been a anagram for Confucius? Dan Philips unlocks the Hebrew text to bring the truth to light!"

Gripping enough, yet vacuous enough is the way to go. It's OK to lie on the back cover to sell more books right?

But I'm also excited for a solid Proverbs commenary accessible to the layman. Is there a publication date yet?

DJP said...

How about if I rename it? Something like....

"Wisdom Wins"


donsands said...

Be nice to read your book. Proverbs is a deep book. Need all the help I can get.

I could ask a friend and pastor, and Bible college prof, who did write one book.

An amazing man of God, and he works for ACMC a ministry of Pioneers. He's not famous really except around here, a little. http://www.acmc.org/AboutACMC/History/tabid/80/Default.aspx

His book: http://www.amazon.com/Night-Shift-Works-Dark-Hours/dp/0847455335

Jeri Tanner said...


thomas4881 said...

So, I just found out I was banned from a forum for saying Arminianism is heresy and Calvinism is the word of God.