15 December 2011

For your consideration: Gospel Meditations for Missions

by Dan Phillips

Last year, I had the pleasure of recommending Gospel Meditations for Women, edited by my long-distance friend Chris Anderson, pastor of Tri-County Bible Church. Chris is a good brother, good man, devoted husband and father and pastor; and I'm eternally grateful to him for his absolutely indispensable observations when I was finishing the manuscript for The World-Tilting Gospel.

Since then, Chris has edited Gospel Meditations for Men and, most recently, Gospel Meditations for Missions. Yesterday I was happy to find an envelope from Church Works Media with both booklets, and I began reading the latter today (though arguably I need the former more urgently!).

Chris is on the short list of folks of whom I'd say: he's responsible, so it's worth reading. So I commend it to you. You can also see Andy Naselli's commendation here.

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Kenan said...

Thanks for pointing me to this.

Chris Anderson said...

Not the first time you've been so kind to me, Dan. Thank you. I hope the Lord will use the books to magnify our Savior. Grace to you!