05 January 2012

This is where I'll be, DV (hello, Houston/Copperfield!)

by Dan Phillips

Hello again, gang.

If all goes as planned, tomorrow I shall be heading off for the great state of Texas for a week.

According to my calculations, I've been in Texas twice before: about an hour each time, in Dallas International Airport. So that doesn't really count.

This time, I'm heading off to the Houston area, specifically in Copperfield, with expectation of enjoying a much broader experience of Texas — at least that part of it.

I am to have the great joy of bringing the Word at Copperfield Bible Church over the week to come. This is a work with a long tradition of bringing the Word of God to that community. I'm very excited about meeting the good brothers and sisters there (some of whom read the blogs), and looking forward to getting to experience Texas' culture and cuisine at firsthand.

That means that some (or all) of the posting at both blogs will be pre-programmed. But it also means that, if you're in that area, maybe we can meet. You can find directions at the web site linked above. I'd be happy to see you.

Any questions, drop me a line; email's in my profile.

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