30 April 2012

"The pulpit is intended to be a pedestal for the cross"

by Phil Johnson

hew on this:

The pulpit is intended to be a pedestal for the cross, though, alas! even the cross itself, it is to be feared, is sometimes used as a mere pedestal for the preacher's fame.

We may roll the thunders of eloquence, we may dart the coruscations of genius, we may scatter the flowers of poetry, we may diffuse the light of science, we may enforce the precepts of morality, from the pulpit; but if we do not make Christ the great subject of our preaching, we have forgotten our errand, and shall do no good.

Satan trembles at nothing but the cross: at this he does tremble; and if we would destroy his power, and extend that holy and benevolent kingdom, which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, it must be by means of the cross.

—John Angell James, quoted in Spurgeon's Feathers for Arrows

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donsands said...

The Cross of Christ is where Jesus was lifted up, so that all the world would know He is the Savior and Messiah God of all who come to Him and believe He died, and then rose from the dead.

Jesus did crush the devils head, and the Cross does even now crush his head when we cling to the old rugged Cross.

Thanks for those well spoken words.

I was so blessed yesterday to be in a church where we heard the Word preached, and the Cross preached.
Just down the street there were 15-20 thousand people going to hear Jole Osteen in Washington DC, to hear what? I hope the Cross of Christ was preached, and that we sinners need to know how wretched we are, and how undeserving we are of God's great mercy, but I doubt it.

Manfred said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I never tire hearing of Christ and His sufficiency and supremacy! May all who call themselves Christian boast in nothing but the cross of our Christ.

Morris Brooks said...

The grand subject of all the Scriptures is Jesus Christ, Himself. When you take Christ out of the Scriptures, they become a
rule book for good behavior, and a guide book for self-improvement.
Without Christ we have nothing to preach!

mike said...

It reminds me of when John MacArthur has said the preacher is the waiter, not the chef.

Eddie Eddings said...

Many a preacher need a reminder such as this. Feathers for arrows - to guide the truth to our heart.