30 September 2012

The Best Thing

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  The following excerpt is from The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, volume 52, sermon number 3,002, "The best thing in the best place." 
"If young men would read their Bibles more, they would not be so easily turned aside as they now are."

“The law of his God is in his heart.” Take this expression as referring to the whole of Scripture, and I may truly say that it is the best thing. O my brethren, what can be better for informing the
understanding than the Word of God? Would you know God? Would you know yourself? Then search this Book. Would you know time, and how to spend it? Would you know eternity, and how to be prepared for it? Then, search ye this Book. Would you know the evil of sin, and how to be delivered from it? Would you know the plan of salvation, and how you can have a share in it? This is the Book which will instruct you in all these matters. There is nothing which a man needs to know for the affairs of his soul, between here and heaven, of which this Book will not tell him. Blessed are they that read it both day and night; and especially blessed are they who read it with their eyes opened and illuminated by the Divine Spirit. If you want to be wise unto salvation, select the Word of God, and especially the Spirit of God, as your Teacher. There is nothing else that is equal to the Bible for inflaming, sanctifying, and turning in the right direction, all the passions of the soul.

And if you want something more than enlightenment for the understanding, and fulness of love to satisfy the heart,—if you need practical directions for your every-day life,—this Book will supply you with them. In every part of the sea of life in which a man may be, if this be his chart, he will not miss his way, or suffer spiritual shipwreck. If you were a king, you might learn your duty here; and if you are a beggar, or the poorest of the poor, you may find comfort and instruction here. Fathers, you may here learn how to manage your households. Children, you may learn here the duties of your position in your various relationships. Servants, masters, husbands, wives, sick folk, people in robust health, ye who are poor, and ye who are rich,—this Book is for you all, and when you consult it in the right spirit, it will talk with you all. Into whatsoever condition you may happen to be cast, this Book will follow you. It is such a wonderful Book that it adapts itself to all sorts and conditions of men. It whispers softly by the sick man’s bedside, and it has often called aloud, as with a trumpet voice, amidst the fury of the storm. It has a message for you while you are yet in the heyday of your youth, and a promise for you when you lean upon your staff, and totter to your grave. It is Biblos, the Book, the everyday book, full of wisdom for every day in the week, all the year round; and when the circle of life is complete, you will see how the Book was equally adapted to the children and to the aged man whose life is just closing.


donsands said...

"If you want to be wise unto salvation, select the Word of God, and especially the Spirit of God, as your Teacher."

The Spirit and the Word is true life. And there's no other way to resist the spiritual wickednesses in this world.
Satan truly does come to sift us like wheat.

Thanks for then post this Lord's Day morn.

Have a joy-filled Sunday in our Risen Savior!

Anonymous said...

So true and important!
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Keep on doing the good work!