25 April 2013

"God didn't say," and hashtags

by Dan Phillips

Last Sunday (because: Sunday) I launched a new hashtag with this:"Look, if you can't find a church as perfect as you, just stay home and read or listen to recordings or something" #GodNeverSaid
Eventually, it was followed by a flood of them, including:

Normally, Twitter is something of a meritocracy, in that non-celebrities can earn a following by excellent posts, as for instance Trogdor is doing. In that way it's a social free-market, and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, hashtags also provide an opportunity for bitter little folks unable to gather much of an audience on their own merits. Lucky to have a handful of followers, their talent is limited to aping and gainsaying more creative folks so as to poach for themselves a false visibility on the backs of others. They're like brats who feel clever as they make rude bodily noises during the sermon, simply to distract and get attention. They don't actually contribute anything, but they do interrupt the grownups.

Solomon lamented the principle; anyone who tries to lead would also. These sad souls lack the creativity God gave a dung beetle, which at least can build something from something; taxonomically, they harken more to the tick or the mosquito, content to suck out others' lifeblood. They haven't the wit to come up with their own hashtags. They know that, if they did, they'd be roundly and deservedly ignored. So they must find a larger host organism and latch on.

They come late hoping to bury, so you'll have to plow to the bottom and scroll up. More happily, hashtags also provides a chance to showcase true insight of verbal musicians who bring their instruments to play in the same opera, such as:
There are a lot more. Chris Rosebrough was a late and great entry to the party. He always brings the goods, and doen't need me as a publicist.


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