05 September 2014

Some here, some there — September 5, 2014

by Dan Phillips

A smaller list to start; check back at day's end.
  • My distant friend Prof. David Murray agrees with Victoria Osteen and disagrees with Al Mohler. Well, sort of. You have to read it.
  • I'll say I had similar thoughts (— to Murray's, not to Osteen's); but according to my family's rule, I didn't say it out loud, so it doesn't count.
  • Or, for another perspective...
  • A movie called "The Identical" is out today, being heavily marketed to "faith-based" and "family-friendly" audiences. Worth seeing? Check my review.
  • A Tale of Two Mars Hills is really very good. It contains a lot that is worth quoting; better still, just read it.
  • I love it when Denny Burk writes like a Pyro. I love Denny Burk because he writes like a Pyro.
  • Last week we pointed to a post by someone named Stephen Altrogge. This week it's someone named Mark Altrogge...hmm, wonder if they know each other? Or maybe "Altrogge" is like "Smith" in, er, Sweden or Iceland or Norway or Uzbekistan or wherever. I digress. The title is words that could have been taken from my own lips and heart: Why does God let me stay so weak? It's a good and helpful read.
  • Oh, sweet. I see we made The Aquila Report. It's a daily browse of mine. I'd had the impression that we were invisible to them, though we share so many convictions and concerns. Nice to see otherwise!
  • Important Pyro Safety Tip: don't text and drive. Because if you do, you just might end up with... er...
  • Ouch.
  • On the subject of "Ouch"...
  • It's all fun and games until the cameraman gets KOed by a flying pop-bottle.
  • So in the church you pastor, some people say, "If you change the worship style, I'll leave"; while others say, "If you don't change the worship style, no one will come." So you have 47 services to serve each marketing group (as they've positioned themselves)? Turns out that's reportedly on the decline.
There, wasn't that fun? Okay, then:

Well, after you master this:

There you go. Have a blessed weekend!

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Greg said...

I'm just here for the adorable cat gif.

Kidding. Thanks for aggregating so many useful and edifying links in one place.

JackW said...

Actually, I've meet Mark Altrogge a few times and Stephen is his son. Mark is a Pastor, a song writer (I stand in Awe, I'm forever Greatful), a painter and a pretty good comedian. His son also writes songs (Behold our God) and books.

I appreciate the contribution they have made to music ministry where content is more important than style.

Fun read today Dan, thanks.

Jim Pemberton said...

"marketing group"

Yep. And I'd say the church would be better without those who lack the maturity to see that it's not about getting people to come to church especially using such superficial things as style. And the church would be better still if they are teachable enough to mature.

People should come to church because they are regenerate and certainly in spite the fact that any style we can come up with falls short of the glory of God. For we are to worship God in spirit and truth in whatever manner we pray best assists that in our increasingly diverse culture.

Anonymous said...

Love The Gospel™ Corp's sage advice to Justin Taylor, once again employing the "If I don't look at it, it isn't there" strategy.

Anonymous said...

Always so beneficial and interesting to read through what you've found to recommend. Thanks very much for what you do Dan!

Deb said...

Great edition.

Mark Altrogge's article on Paul's thorn in the flesh is very good.

However, I also think that there is a corrective that needs to go with it, given some of the comments there. Nowadays, it is highly in-vogue to see the Paul's thorn as sin or temptation, but that's not at all what the text states.

Sam Storms wrote about it here:

Certainly, the Lord would never have Paul or any of us boast in sin and temptation or to acquiesced to its power.
Weakness, yes. But not sin. The Lord gave Paul a thorn to keep him from sin. Sin and weakness are not always the same thing -- especially in this case.

Unknown said...

When I try that coke bottle thing, I'll remember you. Remember me. Send me flowers; I'll forward the hospital address.

trogdor said...

Justin Taylor's kneejerk treatment of Mefford was stupid, but the stubborn refusal to correct the obvious error is horrible. Just awful.

Love the crisis management system. Well, the description of it, not seeing it in action, which is disgusting.

The "Two Mars Hills" article has me thinking, why was I so quick to call Bell was an anti-Christian heretic, but not Driscoll? I think it's because with Driscoll the life didn't line up with the stated doctrine, which was (at least superficially) sound. Given progressive sanctification, his life could have grown to match the doctrine. (Still shouldn't have been a pastor, ever.) But with Bell, the doctrine was so diametrically opposed to Christianity, does it even matter what his life is like?

Unknown said...

I'm glad someone finally noted that the millenials aren't the trouble re church music, it is the boomers! I'm a bit older than the mils, but we like the hymns. We've had enough youth pastoring; in fact sick of it!

Susan said...

To your ode to the coffee (Bach would be proud of y'all) I add another verse:

Starbucks before me, and Peet's behind me
Starbucks before me, and Peet's behind me
Starbucks before me, and Peet's behind me
I take mine black, I take mine black

threegirldad said...

Well, since I'm already wrong, might as well go for broke. :-D

Though none stay with me, still I won't follow
Though none stay with me, still I won't follow
Though none stay with me, still I won't follow--

OK, enough of this silliness. WHERE'S THE HOT CHOCOLATE???