23 December 2014

That other pivotal Christmas character. No, not that one; this one!

by Dan Phillips

Angels, shepherds, Mary, and above all Christ. Even a year or two later, wise men.

But what of Joseph, the fiancé-cum-adoptive-father?

We know that Christ is the wonder of the ages; Mary is an absolutely extraordinary young lady. But also, in considering the character and choices of the man whom God chose to adopt His Son, we learn much.

So, without further eloquence, this year's Christmas sermon: Extraordinary Father, Matchless Son (here's the outline).

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holmegm said...

Thanks for sharing the outline!

What is with all the blanks?

DJP said...

So: you come into church, you are handed this outline with all those blanks, you sit down, you have your pen and Bible ready; and, as I preach, you _____ ___ ____ ________. You also ____ _______, as thoughts strike you.

Zorro! said...

Fill in the blanks! Take notes!