10 April 2015

Some Here, Some There — April 10, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Here's today's assortment. Come back for updates through to noon, Texas time.
  • You may have heard about this:
  • Even a "Reformed Episcopalian" wonders, "Is an organization committed to unity around the Gospel in danger of losing the Gospel?"

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FX Turk said...

The Best SHST are always the ones that develop over the course of a Friday.

lee n. field said...

WHI has the Schuller interview audio available. $2 well spent.


JG said...

Love that Aimee Byrd piece. It's something I (also) have been pondering for a while. Or, why I want to throw a book at the TV every time a "Christian Mingle" commercial comes on. "The one God has chosen for you" is a pervasive and harmful lie. And to be honest, it wasn't until I heard it from the perspective of my Mormon friends that I really understood why. Because it's an assumption even in Christian churches. If you're an adult and "still" single (and it seems especially for women) something is "wrong" with you. Especially if you enjoy your single-ness and don't participate in the meat market of the "Singles Ministry." (Or maybe that was just my church.)

Unknown said...

I was in the car and listening to Dave Ramsey on April 2, the day Robert Schuller died.

Dave made very clear his admiration for Dr. Schuller, calling him "a great man". Then it got really interesting. He had about 7 minutes where he went into great detail about those who had/have a problem with Schuller's gospel. He said they were the same people who are down on his good friend Joel Osteen. He called them (me, us) Pharisees who must think Jesus was raised on a pickle (sour-faced, like us).

I kid you not.

If you don't believe me, check out his archives, April 2, 1:19:35 - 1:26:06.

Kerry James Allen said...

Jason, there are a few other issues with Dave Ramsey here:


Schuller and Ramsey both evidently like(d) to live large, but it's hard to hide some stuff these days.

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't watch TV in their underwear."

FX Turk said...

"BAKE THE CAKE" needs to be a t-shirt

trogdor said...

The TGC thing. I don't know how you identify something as a sin problem, then seek answers from those who hate God and oppose the gospel. It's almost as if they don't believe that whole "total depravity" thingamabob.

It will be interesting to see how vociferously they defend the "doctrine of cobelligerence" from attacks by us peons, compared to how they defended the "doctrine of the Trinity" against attacks from their council members.

The Dawkins video was excellent. I'm a big fan of those videos, and the whole concept of teaching theology by making fun of stuff. This one brushes up to one of my favorite hubristic atheist arguments - that miracles like the virgin birth and resurrection are recorded in the Bible because those ignorant simpletons just didn't know any better, but of course we now know better. So they recorded them, based doctrines they were willing to die for on them, because they thought they were no big deal and could happen to anyone?

DJP said...

When have they responded in the past, Trogdor? Beyond sneering dismissal, if that? They block Twitter accounts that say things they don't want to hear, however mild, and they ignore everything else/ The official stance seems to be that worthy critics of standing simply don't exist.

Mizz Harpy said...

Thanks for posting the Aimee Byrd article. It's good to read that in light of all of the 'mom-oriented' stuff that goes along at the church I attend. I was reminded of this scene in Mozart's Magic Flute:

I would never make marriage and having kids a joke. Marriage is such holy business that I'm astounded that God entrusts it to us. I would be terrified to enter such a covenant.

Zac Dredge said...

"Bakers must be forced to create cakes with messages that violate their beliefs and consciences. Well, unless the customers are Christians. Duh."

The article stated that she wasn't found guilty of anything. Think you got that opening statement backwards...

DJP said...

No, the misunderstanding isn't mine in this case.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, who wants to get the "Bake the Cake" drawing made into a t-shirt? I would almost say it's a masterpiece of visual rhetoric and dialectic.