15 May 2015

Some Here, Some There — May 15, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Priorities allowing, I'll try to expand later. First thing in the morning I'm doing a podcast on BibleWorks 10.

UPDATE: here's the link to the podcast.
  • Russell Moore has seen the Avengers sequel, and he finds in it a theme that I think might infuriate self-proclaimed "angry atheist" writer/director Joss Whedon. But even Whedon, witty and creative as he is, can't change the way he's made and what he innately knows to be true, despite his angriest efforts (Romans 1:18ff.).
  • A reader points me to a new site started by friends called Defending Marriage. Its ambitious aim is to be a clearing house of news, material and information for Christians on marriage-related issues in the news. It looks interesting, check it out.
  • Doug Wilson has been on one of his rolls in recent weeks. If you haven't read And all God's people said "Wut?", you must. It's about N. T. Wright and Genesis. Then he talks about the differences between Wright and C. S. Lewis on the evolution issue.
  • Doug's first post reminded me of this post and this post from years ago. What's particularly interesting is looking at some of the outrage against me and us for even asking questions about Wright's very own words, because he is so wonderful about the Resurrection. Look at his trajectory in years since. It's an interesting case-study.
  • Lyndon Unger continues his thorough examination of "Christian" cohabitation over at Cripplegate.
  • Kevin DeYoung gives six reasons why church membership matters, and they're worth pondering and using. 
  • Kevin's article isn't primarily a Biblical exposition of the topic. This sermon works hard to deliver the goods Biblically and persuasively, and has been distributed a lot as well.
  • Denny Burk reviews DeYoung's recent book on homosexuality, which I'm looking forward to reading.

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Michael Coughlin said...

That was a good link to the Russell Moore post. Thanks for sharing that one and the D. Wilson one. I never heard of N.T. Wright until this month and I'm glad for warnings about him.

Tom Austin said...

RE: Avengers -

You may have heard that Joss Whedon has been attacked by the (and I love this term) Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance because Age of Ultron is somehow misogynist.


As you note, Mr. Whedon has some theological problems, but if you can call him a misogynist, your definition of that term has departed Euclidean space.

Ken Abbott said...

The K deY blogpost on church membership is also interesting for the amount of pushback on display in the combox. Some folks have a warped sense of what church membership means.

Michael Coughlin said...

A house divided against itself cannot stand, and we see that as the libs want to tear themselves limb from limb.

Ironically, Joss is accused of misogynism because of his representation of BW as basically being annoyed she can't reproduce but no one is accusing him of hating women by exploiting their bodies and sexuality - I suppose because he is an equal opportunity purveyor of those good with his male characters too.

DJP said...

Yeah, Ken, I've never yet see that come from a godly place.

Be interesting if those folks gave a serious listen to the sermon I preached on that. But then again, when a person doesn't love God much (if that's the issue), the most pathetic excuse for an excuse feels like a mountain-range.

DJP said...

Also, Ken: two of those who so hate what the Bible says about church involvement there tried their stuff here at Pyro, didn't like what they heard, and clearly haven't accepted any correction or instruction since.

One difference being they wouldn't be allowed to mislead and harm others, here, not even for an hour. That's the "up" side of moderated comments.

DJP said...

That said, I haven't yet found a way to make someone learn something he simply does not want to learn. The fool is willing to wait until God's throne to be forced to admit unwelcome truth, rather than humble himself, do so now, and begin the necessary changes.

norqvader said...

Good stuff. You actually linked to the TGC site!?! Did you get approval for that? ;) Have a blessed weekend!

DJP said...

I think of it as a one-way mirror. I admit to being able to see their posts, and have recommended a great many of them. To me, the truths we hold dear and claim to strive for tower over differences.

As a rule, however, that only seems to go one way.

Guymon Hall said...

I find it interesting that Russell Moore finds such a "family values" message in the Avengers movies, and yet looks past the much more egregious consideration that occurs when the character "The Vision" introduces himself in response to the question of "Who are you?" with the words, "I am..well, I am."

It was a clear swipe at the great I Am of the Bible, and disheartening to see such a movie lifted up as a positive example of "family"...especially all the drivel regarding Scarlett Johansson's character's sexual escapades being thrown around.

Frank Turk said...

Movies: not in the Bible. Stop watching them.

Morris Brooks said...

Trajectory...where you are pointed is where you are headed, and where you are headed is where you will wind up; and the longer you are on that trajectory, the farther off course you will be.

Too many people point back to where Wright was and ignore where he is headed, and has been headed for a good while. The issue with many like Wright is that this is not an accidental trajectory, he knows exactly where he wants to go, and is headed full steam in that direction. Only a massive course correction will save him, and I fear his ego is too big for that.

Ken Abbott said...

And I appreciate moderated comments on blogs dealing with theological topics. The site moderator has an obligation to others to "shut the mouths of the obstreperous" and rebuke error when it attempts to gain a hearing.

Jason Engwer said...

Thanks for the link to the Defending Marriage site, Dan. I hadn't seen that before.

They have a May 8 story there reporting that American voters are "more ready for a presidential candidate who is gay or lesbian than for one who is an evangelical Christian." And the gap is large. How pathetic.

It's past time for Christians and political conservatives to stop making references to things like "the wisdom of the American people". Most Americans should be treated as if they're highly ignorant and undiscerning, because they are.

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