19 June 2015

Some Here, Some There — June 18, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Small but fun start; check back at noon TX time to see what I've added.
  • Valerie and I did a whirlwind road trip to California over the last nearly two weeks, passing through the LA area, the Sierra, Sacramento in CA; and also parts of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and a bit of Colorado. We saw beautiful, awesome sights and cool weather patterns. Twice, the car's GPS — precursor of Our Coming Robot Overlords? — tried to kill us. But maybe, from your perspective, the scariest thing we saw was this:
  • It's a real thing. We didn't stay there.
  • Did I drink Peet's Coffee? Of course. Did we go to Bob's Big Boy? What do you think?
(Click to enlarge)
  • Wait...what? Rick Warren as an action movie star? Well, sort of? Hm; do you think Christ and His Gospel will be the star and center of that movie?
  • Doug Wilson's muse has stepped in and said "HOWDY!" again, in a big way. Some delectable quotations: "The elites have consumed the Christian legacy they inherited, and the prodigal son is wondering how he can possibly afford to host the next bash."
  • And, "Behind all the trans-sexual, trans-racial, trans-dictionary foolishness is the central foolishness of a race of sinners that wants to be trans-mortal." 
  • And, "this problem is not solved by gospel centrality, if all you mean is that your precious gospel is centrally placed in your jeweler’s box, and that the jeweler’s box is centrally hidden under the bed." 
  • There's more. Just read it.
  • Hm. In honor of Father's Day... I described a scene like, in passing, this in a recent sermon:

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dwalt said...

Nice trip. Where, and how long, did you live in California?

Dan Freeman said...

That Amazon pic reminded that last time I bought some more TWTG to give away, this showed up among the "frequently purchased with" http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Generals-They-Succeeded-Some/dp/0883689448/ref=pd_sim_14_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0VJBT6FNJ9DV50HA54W3

The description: "Here are twelve compelling biographies of some of the most powerful ministers ever to ignite the fires of revival by dynamically demonstrating the Holy Spirit's power... William J. Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson, Smith Wigglesworth, and Kathryn Kuhlman are just a few of the charismatic faith leaders you'll meet in this book. Get ready to see how God worked in the lives of these generals!"

Not quite sure how that happened!

DJP said...

< facepalm >


But thank you. Now, if that happens on the WTS bookstore page, we're all in deep trouble.

DJP said...

Dwalt, for about 46 years, basically between the points of around-Los-Angeles and Sacramento.

Randy Talley said...

I don't know. My favorite SCTV spot was their parody of "Evita"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the point-counterpoint with Trueman and Helm. It does seem at times that there is a strain of whiny-ness in the attitude of, "I told everyone that so and so celebrity preacher was bad before everyone else, and no one listened, and still nobody is acknowledging that I was saying it first!" Sort of a realm of Almost Top Men who don't have to wear the stodgy title of "Top Men" because they're being willfully (albeit conspicuously) ignored by the Toppest Men.

Pat Campo - PilgrimsProgressToday.com said...

It's impossible to make any positive sense of anything in the world without the Holy Spirit living in you. Without the Holy Spirit, the Gospel is nonsense. Without the Holy Spirit, explanations about the world, life's meaning and daily events are nonsense.