05 February 2006

Just a quick note

by Phil Johnson

The Blogger folks have been "upgrading" software for the past few days. That's why the site has been down for hours at a time, and that's why some people have posted comments that have disappeared.

As far as I know, no comments have ever been purposely deleted from this site by the moderators. If we delete a comment, we'll ordinarily leave a comment or send an e-mail to the author saying why. (Except for profanity and spam links, which we don't mind deleting without further explanation.)

So if you posted a comment in the past few days and it has disappeared, feel free to post it again.

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Jeremy Weaver said...

Just a quick tip as well...
If you updated your blog with a new post that disappeared and you did not have a back up copy, you can search your blog with the title of the new post and the post page will pull up. For some reason the individual post pages uploaded successfully, but the main page and archives did not update.
Anyway, you can copy and paste from the post page instead of losing the post altogether.

Berny said...

This post was removed by the administrator for absolutely no reason

étrangère said...

Nice one Berny.