26 August 2006

Shall we do this once a week?

by Phil Johnson

  • Jeff Noble finds the PyroManiacs "insightful if not abrasive." He pins the blame for this post and its excoriatingly keen perception on Dan Phillips. Fact is, I wish I could be half as insightfully abrasive as Dan usually is.
  • Matthew Rupert at "From the Morning" likewise thinks we are "a decent read," but he wants it made clear that he disagrees with most of what we post here. (We would've guessed that, actually, because Matt's tastes run to Rob Bell and Velvet Elvis.) Matt also thinks we link to "nonsense." Hmm. It would be interesting to do one of those blind taste-tests: Show Matthew's blogroll and ours to any ten random church members and ask which list links to more "nonsense." If we were gamblers (which we're not) it would seem a pretty safe bet that most objective readers would think . . . well, nevermind.
         Frank Turk answers him well, with patience, good sense, and biblical wisdom.
  • Here's Jeff Williams with an actual PyroManiac decal in the International Space Station. (No Photoshop tricks.) Jeff has circled the earth close to 2,000 times since March—making him, hands down, the most traveled Pyro reader ever. Period. Please remember to pray for him and his family. The trials of life don't go away just because you are in outer space.
  • Paul Doutell is back. He is still looking for a fight.
  • Eddie Beal observes a clever irony in the story we posted about Mrs. Spurgeon's dairy business.
  • Erik Raymond gleaned some great thoughts from last week's dose of Spurgeon.
  • Will of "Prydain" has a good summary of Dan Phillips's latest post. Tim Ake gets it, too. A few commenters in the meta of that post are still arguing with Dan, though.
  • Eric Rung analyzes Billy Graham's Newsweek comments. In a different post, Eric also notes that it's not all that easy to parody evangelicals anymore.
  • Jared Wilson reminds us that "Dismissal is not one of the fruits of the Spirit. But patience is."
  • Nathan White links to the first blogpost I ever wrote.
  • Jon from Reidville, SC ponders the difficulties of guilt by association alongside the dangers of leaving one's flock with a favorable impression of bad theologians.
  • JD Hatfield celebrates his birthday by trolling for a BlogSpotting link. Happy birthday, Even So. . .
  • Ken Fields reminds you that there's a great large-format color portrait of Spurgeon available for free downloading from this blog.
  • PJ Tibayan summarizes and links to my message about postmodernism.
  • Christopher Barnette ("the fusion of greasemonkey and geek") "contextualizes" Spurgeon's message perfectly: "Lord, Save Us from These Postmodern Hipsters."
  • Brendt at "Musings from Two-Sheds Gomer" links here with a disclaimer.* He thinks you people who comment are "pretty vitriolic." (*I'm pretty sure he is talking about the people who disagree with me.) He has a pithy summary of some of my observations about Guilt by association.
  • Nathan Casebolt liveblogs (by taped delay?) our Saturday men's meeting with James White. His post are both funny and informative—and well worth reading. Darlene read them and asked me how much stuff Nathan was making up. Actually, everything happened exactly as he describes it. He just has a gift for highlighting the humor.
  • Perhaps Kim Shay doesn't realize that just linking to a post by DJP is enough to get her BlogSpotted again.
  • Ed Goode reminds himself how right Spurgeon is.
  • Charles Sebold is keeping score. He wants a link from Pecadillo. Pecadillo's gone to working night shift. He has a powerful flashlight that attaches to his Glock. These days, it's prolly better if he doesn't notice you.
  • Janet Lee has some thoughts about Rob Auld's fulminations against fundamentalism.
  • Greg Wertime is still mad as a wet cat, and now he is trying to overwhelm our Dan Phillips with the sheer volume of words.
  • Hey! Apparently, Tim Challies still reads PyroManiacs.
  • And James White is clearly bad to the bone.
  • Adam Omelianchuk Joins the ranks of people who blogged about the "Guilt by Association" post. Like several others who replied to that post, Adam is unhappy because I didn't seize an opportunity to jump on the dogpile against some specific high-traffic watchblogs.
  • Paul Lamey gives some interesting background about the author whom we quoted in Tuesday's post.

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    Carla Rolfe said...

    "Shall we do this once a week?"

    YES please!

    And the Pyro decal in outer space? Just how cool is that?


    bp said...

    "Shall we do this once a week?"
    Yes! Yes! a thousand times yes! Please bring back blogspotting:) I havn't been this excited since I won tickets to see Justin Timberlake on his Justified tour... the concert was AMAZING by the way!

    Even So... said...

    It just got better, thanks...

    Brad said...

    Been a long time... Just checking in... It was a quick scan only, but I saw no blatant bashing of other denominations on the entire front page. Repeat, no red meat...

    Well done...

    bp said...

    Avast!Charles Sebold is right to want a link from Pecadillo, I got one and it changed my life. In the two weeks since Pecadillo has linked to my blog I have had received 6 more profile views!

    the Pilgrim said...

    Forget about weekly blogspotting.

    jerarbw said...

    Phil must either be an amazingly brilliant man or have an amazing amount of time on his hands. I assume that in order to post your weekly "blogspotting" you are actually spending time reading each of the blogs. How do you manage between family, book editing, and blogging? You're a pastor as well, correct?

    Matt Gumm said...


    Good to see you spotting Kim Shay. She's getting my nomination for "blog that's conspicuously absent from the Pyro blogroll" award for the 2006 edition of the Wooden Nickel Awards. I have it on good authority that the theme of this year's awards is "vote early and often."

    wordsmith said...

    Thanks for the blogspot, Phil!

    Funny how cool things happen when you least expect it :)

    Steve said...

    If you're able to blogspot weekly, then great. But knowing how insanely busy you are, we shouldn't be disappointed if you happen to miss a week every now and then. Even once every two weeks is better than not at all.

    Kim said...

    Gummby, you're making me blush.

    You're too kind.

    MTR said...

    I'm sure I link to nonsense too. I guess the nonsense I was pointing out that you link to is Slice, and I'm trying not to be so angry about slice, as has been pointed out to me... :-)


    Christopher Barnette said...

    Thanks so much for the mention. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw where all the referrals were coming from. This made my day!

    Steve Blackwelder said...

    This site seems to reflect the uncritical, human-leaders-must-keep-control-at-all-costs, anti-intellectual attitude that Wheaton professor Mark Noll exposes in his 1994 book, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.