20 November 2006

35 days until ...

by Frank Turk
... these items are no longer available. Special 2006 commemorative holiday overpriced chatzki and t-shirts for sale until 12/25/2006.

(notice I didn't say "on sale", because that would be a lie)

Buy your gifts now before WMT puts that plasma-screen TV on sale at 4 AM on Friday for $999 and has only one in stock per store so a fight breaks out. There's no reason to go through that -- the people you know and love would rather have TeamPyro gear anyway. Especially this TeamPyro gear.

The mugs are my favorite, but the teddy bear is a close 4th place.

PS from Phil:

A reminder about the car decals:

I'll seize the opportunity while Frank is hawking his merchandise to remind you of our free car decal offer. These are high-quality vinyl, colorfast, and free with absolutely no strings attached. I'm giving one of either style to anyone who asks, and I still have several of both kinds left. Only one "condition." (Or perhaps it would be better to say, "Here is the instrumental means by which you may lay hold of your decal."): You must supply a stamped, self-addressed envelope big enough to hold the decal without folding. The decals are 4.75"x4.75"—about the size of a standard CD-ROM. In fact, they fit perfectly inside mailers designed for CD-ROMs.

Remember, I promise not to add your name and address to any mailing list. I'm not even keeping a record of who asks, so if you already asked and I sent you one, and now you want the other style, send another envelope, and it's yours (as Zane Hodges would say) "Absolutely Free," while supplies last.

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Steve said...

...and it's yours (as Zane Hodges would say) "Absolutely Free," while supplies last.

Kudos, Phil.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Bah! A commercial plug on top of today's more important post that WAS boosting my blog traffic. Scroll back down folks, nothing to see here...

Sharon said...

"Absolutely Free," eh? Ya think Antonio will go for it?

And thanks, Phil, for my copies. High quality is right, folks! Get 'em while they're hot!

FX Turk said...

Things that are free are usually worth what you paid for them.

Go figure that Phil has figured out how to make things that are free worth more than he himself paid for them.

Douglas McMasters said...


Keep us in the UK in mind--the left with the dregs crew--with those stickers. We want some here.

Al said...

It is down between Frank's high quality stuff or a calendar from despair.com... Where do I spend my hard earned duckets?

I do look forward to the soon and coming comments about you replacing the real meaning of Christmas with Phil and other commercialized goop. Not that Phil is in any way goopy.

al sends

FX Turk said...


why is it that nobody understands irony? is there really no delicious ironic tartiness in blogging about God's wrath and the logical necessity of holiness in us but yet making these terribly-chintzy t-shirts?

Am I really the only one laughing?

Is this t-shirt not actually funny? I know Phil thought it was funny. Does the "Body by God" book not just send this thing all the way over the top?

Geez -- it's really depressing when even the smart ones don't "get" my jokes.

Al said...

I thought it was funny and truly appreciate the irony…

Based on other comments I have read about you guys "selling Jesus" I thought there would be a negative reaction. Maybe folks did not zoom in enough to see Phil's smiling mug? Or perhaps I am selling folks short? Or I just do not communicate clearly?

Whatever the reason… you are not loosing your touch. Rest easy brother.

al sends

Kimberly said...

I have hesitated to comment on this because I don't know "Motorcycle Paul" personally, and I'm very new to this blog. But, from your limited description, it seems that Paul doesn't have a problem with "teachers" as much as with authority.

My point in mentioning this is that people who have a problem with authority have, often, suffered extreme harm at its' hand. I've had many an experience where a fellow christian attempted to "teach" me something by trying to point out the rediculousness of my idea in comparison with theirs. It's pretty hard to respect someone as a teaching figure when it's clear they have no respect for you as a thinker, even if your idea is wrong.

That said, I tend to be a little more on Paul's side than others here. It's not because he's so brilliant in his theologies about Jesus as God incarnate or the trinity business (I happen to think his ideas on these things completely inaccurate.) It's because the word says that there is only one teacher, and it is not any of us (Matt. 23:8).

By the way, I did get the point that we should be more into the Word, ourselves, than into what the latest, or deadest, theologian is spouting. An excellent point, but not so well practiced.