27 November 2006

Outta Here

by Phil Johnson

his time tomorrow, Lord willing, I'll be in Ashford, Kent, in the south of England. That's where the offices for Grace to You Europe and The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust are located. I plan to do a couple of days' work in the office. Next week, we'll have a board meeting in London.

I'm here, first of all, for a conference sponsored by "Men of Kent," titled "Asleep in the Light: Waking a Sleeping Church." That's at Herne Bay Court this Saturday. Unfortunately, the conference is already full and registration was closed a couple of weeks ago. But I'll be in the UK over two weekends, and I'm scheduled to preach in a couple of churches, both pastored by friends who both happen to be alumni of The Master's Seminary: This Sunday I'll be at Rugby Evangelical Free Church in the Midlands (pastored by Tom McConnell); then the following Sunday (10 December) at Trinity Road Chapel, London (pastored by Doug McMasters).

Any Pyro readers in the UK who can make it to either of those worship services are welcome. I'd love to meet you. Darlene is traveling with me. And I'll have her bring a stash of the car decals, so if you do see us, don't be shy about asking.

Anyway, I'll be bringing more work and more reading material with me than usual, if you can believe it. I have some important deadlines coming due, and lots to keep up with. This is frankly not a good time of year to be on the road. Oh, well.

Incidentally, I understand that tomorrow the Pulpit blog will be posting an article by John MacArthur in which he will deal with the issues of "cultural engagement," Mark Driscoll's language, and pastors who always seem to have more to say about the latest worldly entertainments than about the means of sanctification. I expect the Pulpit blog will be getting some comments this week. I'll be sorry to miss the "conversation."

John MacArthur mentioned to me recently that he had listened to a sermon by someone in which the preacher said, "Did you guys see 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby'? That was such a cool movie."

John's response: "Now, I admittedly haven't seen Talladega Nights. But I've seen some of the ubiquitous ads, and I know it can't be good. Whatever it is, it's full of total nonsense and vile conversation. I certainly wouldn't want my pastor recommending it. And the reference had nothing whatsoever to do with anything beneficial to anyone's sanctification—not to mention the fact that it had nothing to do with any point germane to that guy's sermon. It was a gratuitous attempt to seem 'culturally relevant.'"

That stirred John to make some observations about out-of-control worldliness, vulgarity, and carnal speech, and how that kind of thing is antithetical to the sanctification God has commanded us to pursue (Hebrews 12:14; 2 Peter 3:11, 18; Romans 16:19; etc.). His post on the subject should be good.

I'll be back in the USA December 12. I'll try to post as many times as possible between now and then, but no promises.

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Even So... said...

Blessings to you on your trip, may God use it to bear fruit in many ways...

Sharad Yadav said...

Safe travels! Hope there's an in-flight movie!

Douglas McMasters said...

Welcome to England, Phil and Darlene! Can't wait to see you.

Phil, if I may add that any and all men are welcome to join us at Trinity Road Chapel on Saturday, December 9th at 9:30 for a men's morning with Pyromaniacs' Blog Boss, Phil Johnson. Directions to the church are available at the church website, trinityroadchapel.org

Carla Rolfe said...

I hope you and Darlene have a safe & enjoyable trip.

Since you'll be coming back on my birthday :o) I was going to say something silly like "bring me back a present". But I can't think of anything I'd like from London.

I'm so sheltered.

Jared said...

I pray that God will bless and keep you and your wife during your travels.

I also pray that He will protect London and anywhere you visit as I remember reading your travel horror stories, and I believe their subways were bombed last time you were there.

All joking aside, I pray that the Lord be glorified!

étrangère said...

Don't worry Carla, I can't think of anything particular I'd want from London, and I'm British.

Phil, much as I'm glad you're speaking at the lovely Rugby Evangelical, where I have friends, and much as I'm sure it'd be cool for you to meet Pyro readers, do you really want them to leave fellowshipping with the local churches of which they're members, to go to Rugby for the week cos you're speaking?? Strikes me as a rather strange view of church.

Douglas McMasters said...


Do pray for London. I've been with Phil on some of his trips and have experienced first hand some of those now-famous "circumstances of tragedy." For instance, our trip to India in 2000 included major flooding, church bombings, a police incident with taxi drivers in Bombay and a church split--to say nothing of my five days of near-death (i.e., watching Indian musicals while bedridden with 103 fever). In the world of Phil, hardly a memorable trip. So, yes, please, pray for London--I live here, Phil will go back to Los Angeles.

Frank Martens said...

Dude, that's crazy. I had similar thoughts about that movie when I saw the ad. Right after I said to a friend, "I doubt anything good'll come out of that movie."

Safe travels.

Steve said...

But I can't think of anything I'd like from London.

I've been waiting for years for an opportunity to visit London, and I know exactly what I want from there--Spurgeon books from among the shelves of the many used bookstores in the city.

Sigh. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity.

Phil and Darlene, I trust you'll have a wonderful time of ministry there.

Ebeth said...

If you could bring something back from London, the McMasters family would be my first choice.
We will be praying for you, Phil and Darlene, and looking forward to your safe return to us.

étrangère said...

"Spurgeon books from among the shelves of the many used bookstores in the city."

That's bookshops, Steve, bookshops in London. And 'second hand' at that, not 'used'. Get the language. Besides, do you not have second-hand bookshops on your side of the pond?

donsands said...

May His grace be greatly upon you, and may the church be encouraged and edified. May you also be refreshed in His grace and love.

And have a jolly good time.

Janet said...

Have a great time and I'll pray for your safety while you travel. ;-)

I'd bring back linens and china.

Steve said...

Get the language. Besides, do you not have second-hand bookshops on your side of the pond?

My apologies. I speak American, not English...

Yes, we have plenty of second-hand bookshops over here, including one very large one with second-hand Christian books right here in this town. But the kinds of books I want rarely show up on this side of the pond. Hence my many orders from dealers in the UK.

Andrew Wheatley said...

U-S-A! U-S-A! O wait. I'm Canadian.

Kevin Sorensen said...

It's so exciting. I preached in that church 20 years ago this past summer. I was at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and as part of our Summer Overseas Mission program, I led a team in London. Trinity Road was one of the two churches we ministered in while there. I got to preach in their pulpit... way elevated... way shaky!! and what a joy in the Lord. God go with you and preach the Word!

Solameanie said...

Careful, Phil. You realize of course that bringing up the use of smutty language in the pulpit will bring the Emergents out of the woodwork to go after you.

In light of that wonderful hookah picture you posted some time back, I have a new idea for you, graphic genius that you are. Remember the old Vincent Price movie "The Last Man on Earth?" Or even "The Night of the Living Dead?"

I can see a faux-movie poster such as "The Last Orthodox Pastor on Earth" or "The Night of the Living Emergent."

Run. Run for your lives!

Douglas McMasters said...

Phil and Kevin,

That pulpit was replaced by a new platform and pulpit. For which I am very thankful--I've heard many stories.

Kevin, glad to share a connection. Here's a little history on the church you might find interesting:


Mike. said...

Welcome to England Phil. See you in Rugby and make sure you have some stickers - cos i'll be askin!