14 June 2007

How Now shall we Blogspot?

by Frank Turk

o we even really do BlogSpotting anymore? It seems like we haven't done this in ages -- and it shows. The pickin's in the blogosphere for links back to this blog are so slim that I have had to go back weeks in some cases to find anyone posting anything about us. Maybe this will spur on a flurry of activity for something other than a post from Dan because somebody learned something from it:

  • The Search for Purpose liked the dose of Spurgeon this week. Didn't say much about it, though ...
  • London Blogger Doug McMasters liked what I said about church membership so much, he supplemented it with some Calvin
  • "Coop" at While Rome Burns says some, um, he says something about my "Why Join a Church?" post. At least he tried to comment.
  • I'm hoping this link will put Fred's nose back into joint.
  • Not everyone was happy with Dan calling Francis Beckwith's spade a spade, but Pastor's Perspective was.
  • EveryDay Mommy manages to link to both VeryMom and teamPyro in the same post -- and it's not to point out that VeryMom's theological short-comings as a Mormon! FOR SHAME!
  • Obligatory link to British Link Troll. And I only call him that becuase I know he hates it. But he mentions Phil's upgrade to the world of Mac, so good on him.
  • Rondom Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind linked to a spurgeon.org page about Phil eating a candy-coated scorpion. But I can't get the guy to eat a burger at lunch. Go figure.
  • Jason Reed liked what Dan had to say about modest dress.
  • Bob Hyatt Calls Phil/TeamPyro "the smartest, most eloquent" ... but the smartest, most eloquent source of "waay off base slams" against the Emergent church. Open challenge to Bob: At TeamPyro, we offer critiques to everyone -- evangelical, emergent, reformed, arminian, smart, stupid ... we give everyone something to chew on. Can you personally name anything wrong with the Emergent church which anyone ought to be concerned about, or is Emergent free of any riff-raff? Think about that, bub, before you start with the "way off base" smears.
  • On the other hand, M-in-the-Gap gave us a "Thinking Blogger" award, and we never succumbed to that meme. Maybe when we're in Tulsa we can cull the blogopshere and provide our opinion about who makes us think among our blogging neighbors.

Was that enough? That's going almost 4 weeks back. I hope that is enough. And sorry to Challies for correcting this post like 7 times after it was posted ...


HeavyDluxe said...

The pickin's in the blogosphere for links back to this blog are so slim that I have had to go back weeks in some cases to find anyone posting anything about us. Maybe this will spur on a flurry of activity...

Maybe y'all are just slipping?

:-) It's worth noting, however, that I've never stood so I can't really throw stones...

David Rudd said...

"I'm all for eyes being open to the downsides as well as the upsides of any movement- egalitarian, charismatic, Reformed, emerging church, whatever..."

-Bob Hyatt (aka "Bub")

Coop said...

Well, thanks anyway for the linkback. I didn't post a comment here because I really didn't have much to say other than that it was a great read, and that I felt people should go read the post.

But enough of that now. I've got plenty to do.

Solameanie said...

I have linked to this blog several times and it's even on my "recommended links" area. But I seem to remember Phil saying once that for you guys to notice it, you had to be signed up on some site or other. I can't even remember what it was for certain. It was one of those things I meant to do, but never got to it.

I prolly spend too much time at the computer anyway, for work reasons. I have had to have my glasses changed three times in the past five years and I'm beginning to understand why. It's not due solely to aging. It has to do with squinting at a bright screen all day.

FX Turk said...


Yes, we hear that often. Can he name one?

Let him name one. I'll even show him what I mean -- I'm a totally committed baptist and a committed Southern Baptist in particular. Yet one of our great faults as a theological persuation is our tendancy toward legalism -- particularly as it divides us from ever having contact with lost people. It is dangerous having a culture which is so holy that no one dare approach it -- and it is unbiblical to do so.

Can he find words of that calibre of concern and challenge for his own ideological persuation? If not, I suggest that his comment is hollow -- as hollow as a bpatist who is a "soul winner" who cannot name 2 people whom he knows to be lost to whom he is also able to speak civilly.

FX Turk said...


BlogSpotting is not an exact science, but sidebar links generally get ignored.

David Rudd said...


I only replied because you were the author of this article. I've stopped commenting for the other guys.

I don't know Bob apart from many virtual conversations over the past couple years, but he would be near the top of my list of "virtual friends".

although, he is much more immersed in all things emerging than I am, i know that he has been highly critical of many things over the years including an on-going man-crush/thorn-in-the-side relationship with mark driscoll (who is or isn't really emerging...).

if you really want to see some stuff you would appreciate, you could weed through his archives... (a fair price for calling him "bub"... i thought that name was reserved for the orthodontically challenged)

here are two quickies...

concern about universalism...conversation with ed stetzer
part one of a series of critiques of spencer burke's heretics guide...

he's a good guy. he's working hard for the kingdom... even though he does have church in a pub.

Fred Butler said...

The nose is doing much better now, thanks Frank!

FX Turk said...


I did read his blog, and I think you're too charitable to him.

He should come here and square up if he's serious about his critique of TeamPyro. If he's not, he can do what he does best and edit his past entries to hide his mistakes.

FX Turk said...

Freddy -- No Problem. Check on Phil for me to make sure WRigley isn;t editing Dr. Mac's new book.

Gilbert said...

Hey Cent and Team Pyro,

First, a lot of people read the blog, but don't post. This is only my second post here on Pyromaniacs.
You said a little while back that quite a few people read your blog...didn't you say on the order of thousands? And quite frankly, most of the time, I don't have a lot of meaningful things to say, yet still try to (I hope I won't do that now!).

All THAT to say...we're here. We see God working in you, and through you. Sometimes I just soak in everything like a sponge, try and figure out what you said, which I frequently can by the power of the Holy Spirit...but not have anything to add, question, of any great depth.

So let me say this: I'm sure you get tons of nasty emails and comments that never see the light of day here. But count this one that says: thank you. Thank you and all of TeamPyro for such a meaningful blog. It is helping me grow in Christ, one post at a time.

Seriously, way to go Cent and TeamPyro! And in summary, when I have something meaningful to say, I'll let you know. When I don't, I'll still let you know. ;-)

God bless you guys, and thanks for being a blessing to me.


Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

This blog is really good and I have been blessed many times as a result of it. I have only posted a couple of times, but I post a lot on the net!

Because of my high Calvinism and far too much negative interaction with other reformed Calvinists, I tend to pick the safest places to post these days.

Again, I am blessed often when reading stuff here.


Mark B. Hanson said...

According to the first comment on the Pastor's Perspective blog item you cited, I guess Beckwith should be called heretic rather than apostate...

Seriously, the evangelical scholars' response to the whole Beckwith issue is another example of sentimentality triumphing truth. "It can't be apostasy, because I have worked with him and like him. Apostasy would make him a bad person, and he's not!"

Anonymous said...

"EveryDay Mommy manages to link to both VeryMom and teamPyro in the same post -- and it's not to point out that VeryMom's theological short-comings as a Mormon! FOR SHAME!"

Sheesh guys! I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it! Oh, the pressure from Pyro.

And, I don't read VeryMom anymore and I don't have a big ol' graphic button link to her, like I do to Pyro.

So there! ;)

FX Turk said...

I was a secret fan of verymom before she went commercial with the diaper thing and then changed her url.

She seems nice. And she doesn;t hardly talk about theology, so it's a lot like reading Michelle Malkin, only less shrill.

Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, I love Pyro. My family has been without a church home and without a real pastor for a few years now. While not the ideal arrangement, your blog has been like a pastor to me on many occasions. And, I thank you.

Phil Johnson said...

A thinking Blogger award? Cool. I never even heard about that.

And Everyday Mommy, we should mention that you have one of the three coolest-looking blogdesigns in the entire blogosphere. If PyroManiacs ever becomes a commercial success, we're going to pay you to redesign our template.

Anonymous said...

(Say this with a southern drawl) Why Phillip! I'm absolutely blushing!

Seriously, coming from you guys that's quite a compliment. To be in your top three, design-wise? I'm all flustered!

bob hyatt said...

"Square up"?

here's my answer- I named many more than one.

And thanks David for reminding me about the Stetzer one... missed that one.

theups said...

Have y'all seen http://dead-theologians.blogspot.com or http://theisleofhope.com? Both VERY encouraging blogs, in my opinion.

Mrs. U

Solameanie said...


I can understand why sidebar links would be ignored, and didn't mean to imply otherwise. My main reason for making the comment was simply to reference Phil's statement about being signed up on some other site aided the goal of being blogspotted. I assume this site notifies TeamPyro that this blog has been linked in a post somewhere.

If I am not remembering what Phil said precisely, that's no surprise. I am a strong candidate for early dementia.