24 June 2007

The Prayer of Jabez

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt is from "The Prayer of Jabez," a semon preached by Spurgeon sometime before 1871—and published during a long absence caused by Spurgeon's illness that year.

h that thou, the God of Israel, the covenant God, would bless me indeed! The very pith of the prayer seems to lie in that word, "indeed."

There are many varieties of blessing. Some are blessings only in name: they gratify our wishes for a moment, but permanently disappoint our expectations. They charm the eye, but pall on the taste.

Others are mere temporary blessings: they perish with the using. Though for awhile they regale the senses, they cannot satisfy the higher cravings of the soul. But, "Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed!"

I know whom God blesseth shall be blessed. The thing good in itself is bestowed with the good-will of the giver, and shall be productive of so much good fortune to the recipient that it may well be esteemed as a blessing "indeed," for there is nothing comparable to it.

Let the grace of God prompt it, let the choice of God appoint it, let the bounty of God confer it, and then the endowment shall be something godlike indeed; something worthy of the lips that pronounce the benediction, and verily to be craved by every one who seeks honor that is substantial and enduring. "Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed!" Think it over, and you will see that there is a depth of meaning in the expression.
C. H. Spurgeon


Ben N said...

Thank you for selecting this quote!

Now, compare Spurgeon's comments to Bruce Wilkinson's on the same topic: " Do you want to be extravagantly blessed by God? Are you ready to reach for the extraordinary? To ask God for the abundant blessings He longs to give you? Let Bruce Wilkinson help you discover how the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible hero can release God's favor, power and protection. You'll see how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live"

And this is a best seller nowadays, God have mercy ... Replacing God with a genie ... sad. :(

Stefan Ewing said...


Stefan Ewing said...

That was a follow-up to Benjamin Nitu's comment, not a commentary on Spurgeon....

In regards to the modern-day perversion of this, What You Win Them With Is What You Win Them To indeed.

LeeC said...

"Phil Johnson Endorses Wilkinson's Prayer of Jabez Book! News at eleven!"

What, you want me to comment on what you actually said???

God is so truly good, and I am ever so thankful that He is in control of all things.

wordsmith said...

I almost freaked when I saw the title "Prayer of Jabez" on my newsreader. Then I saw it was the weekly dose of Spurgeon, causing me to heave a sigh of relief.

Sharon said...

I saw the title and thought, Oh no, not that silly book again! Won't that tome every die??

I'm glad I was wrong.

Tony Kummer said...

Has anyone published this in a little "gift edition" surly it would sell well at Walmart if the packaging looked similar to the other little spirituality books.