11 April 2008

Bonus Material for Your iPod

by Phil Johnson

ere are four items for weekend listening:

  1. A couple of months ago, I spent a whole day with the esteemed Dr. James White. One of the things we did that day was an hour-long studio interview where James answered questions about his ministry and his current work in the field of Islamic studies. You want to hear what kind of stuff James White and I talk about when we get together? That interview is available in four segments as a free download at the Grace to You website. It's a fascinating hour. Incidentally, for those of you here in Southern California, see this for information about Dr. White's debate with Jalal Abualrub in Fullerton this weekend.
  2. One of my seminars at this year's Shepherds' Conference was titled "Politically Incorrect? How to shepherd your congregation in an election year." It's a $2.00 download from the Shepherds' Fellowship website. However, because of the timeliness of this message during the election year, they gave us permission to post the entire message as a free download on the GraceLife Pulpit resource page. (As of this posting, that message is about the fourth one down on the list.) All the downloads there are free. Knock yourself out.
  3. Our friend (and honorary PyroManiac) Todd Friel interviewed John MacArthur on Way of the Master Radio earlier this week. My favorite moment was the sound bite from Ed McMahon which introduced John MacArthur, backed by one of the worst recordings of "MacArthur Park" ever. The conversation was mainly about John MacArthur's new book A Tale of Two Sons, but at the end, Todd, ever the provocateur, asked John MacArthur several hard questions about Emerging strategies and personalities. MacArthur pulled no punches in his reply.
  4. "Living Grace," a weekly radio broadcast featuring Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is now streaming at Oneplace.com. You can also download the individual broadcasts for your iPod or sign up for the podcast. You want something meaty and edifying? Start listening to the Doctor. Let me encourage you to donate to the MLJ ministry, too. (ht: Doug McMasters)

On another matter: It's true. I'll be on the Band of Bloggers panel at T4G in Louisville next week. Timmy Brister has done a great job organizing the BoB event. For the second time ever, the whole PyroManiacs blogteam will be together in one place during that conference. Come and say hi to us. But be nice. We're going to be on our best behavior, because our wives will be there, too. See you there.
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Sedulous said...


If you wish, your readers can also download the mp3's of the messages you delivered on The Emerging Church at the Believers Chapel Men's Retreat at the end of March.

SolaMommy said...

Thanks for the links, Phil...I needed more stuff to listen to while on the treadmill:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil for the mp3 links. I need some additional stuff for my iPod for the 13 hr drive to Louisville on Monday. See you and the other TP boys (behaving your best, of course) at BoB and T4G.

bassicallymike said...

I guess it's the medium, but... Frank is...... frankly nicer in person. Either that or he can't hide behind that monitor in person. hehe

Hey anyone else here going to see Dr.Mac in the Dallas area next Fri.

John P said...


Thanks for letting us know about Politically Incorrect. I am downloading it now, and look forward to listing to it soon.

Also, now that the pyromaniacs are touring, how come you didn't show up at the American Idol: Idol Gives Back superstar show? You guys would have raised more money than the "Shout to the Lord" song did.

Gummby said...

The James White interviews were great. I didn't realize he was taking the time to learn Arabic. Wow!

I listened to the Todd Friel interview yesterday. It was a real treat. Talk about two different personalities who are one in the faith.

Thanks for the other links, and I hope you guys enjoy your time Louisville.

Faithful Servant said...

Great, I've always wanted to meet a Pyromaniac...See you at the BoB and T4G!

Arthur Sido said...

Looking forward to meeting Phil and company in person at BoB, plus others I know just from the internet.

Sharon said...

Speaking of iPods . . . Phil, do you reallyhave Florence Foster Jenkins on your iPod? Truly an unforgetable experience!

A Musician by Grace

Kristine said...

Thanks for all the ipod goodies :) I especially look forward to the interview b/t J. Mac. & Todd Friel, and your SC message, "Politically Incorrect"!

Thanks again!

Phil Johnson said...


I not only have Florence Foster Jenkins on my iPod, I think I have the complete collection of her extant recordings.


Thanks for that link. For those wondering, those tracks Sedulous linked to are from that trip I took to Dallas two weeks ago. The last one, "Act Like Men," (Original title: "Man Up") is prolly gonna garner me some angry comments. Enjoy.

Ryan said...

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on OnePlace?
Re-joice, Re-joice, Re-joice great-ly... THANK YOU MLJ Audio Trust!

Phil, if you had any part as one of the Trust members to help make this happen, thank you. MLJ continues to have a tremendous influence on my life, preaching, and overall ministry.

jakomus said...

I started reading you materal when long time ago I decided to look in the web site for any material on Spurgeon,I read before "The Forgotten Spurgeon" I was very disillusioned that most of the Christians I was meeting were more like Arminians but I loved how Spurgeon talked about election and holiness,since I found your web site it is been a great blessing. In ChristJaime.

Joe Mama said...

Phil, I have to ask, is there a good version of MacArthur Park? Have you ever heard anyone say that Richard Harris or Sammy Davis Jr. captured the essence of that song?

My favorite version is from the Simpsons featuring Apu's neice on the tabla.

Polycarp said...

So Phil, in light of your interest in Bert Baccarach (spelling?) , I've just gotta ask: are you likewise a fan of Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass as well? For some reason, namely my wife's liking of both, I've thought of them in the same category.