13 June 2008

Airborne Pyro

by Dan Phillips

The first of several segments I recorded for the "Bible Burgh" radio program is to be aired this Sunday at 9pm ET; you can listen to it streaming here; or download it Monday hence.

It was fun to do. Over the course of several segments (to be broadcast over the next few weeks), host Mike Howard gives me some generous opportunities to talk about how the Lord saved me, about my pards here and my blogs, about pastoring — and about Proverbs!

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Penn Tomassetti said...

During my trial of college, soon after I was stricken down by the book of Romans and God showed me the vileness of my own heart, I began listening to Word FM in da burgh. That's where I remember hearing J. MacArthur and other reformed pastors, also the guys from the White Horse Inn (kind of cool, because there is a real White Horse Inn in White Horse, about 4 miles from where I live now). But it brings back memories of transforming times in my life. Glad you are on the air there!

Adam said...

I wanted to comment on your post about the Lakeland Revival, but there were already too many comments. People are getting healed by the thousands. Tonight it looked like three hundred responded to his alter call and were saved. Can I have a Hallelujah?

~Mark said...

We actually follow immediately after "White Horse Inn", and I hope y'all are as blessed hearing Dan's interview as we were in recording it.

Mike the Bible Burgh Host said...

Dan will be heard on Bible Burgh, Sunday nights, June 22nd and June 29th . . . go to www.wordfm.com . . . click on the "listen live" button, 9pm!!

Thanks for the plugs, Dan . . . and, oh yeah, THREE GREAT interviews!

Mike Howard