20 June 2008

More fiery goodness on-air

by Dan Phillips

For anyone who cares: the second of three segments I recorded for the "Bible Burgh" radio program is to be aired this Sunday at 9pm ET; you can listen to it streaming here; or download it Monday hence.

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Mike the Bible Burgh Host said...

For those who are interested, the remainder of the program Sunday night, (including "The American Blogger", Dan Phillips) will be the concluding 1/3 portion of R.C. Sproul, Jr's, "Postmodernism and Christianity" from the 2007 Ligonier Conference, "Contending for the Truth"; Professor C. J. Williams, (Old Testament), Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, with a "Psalms" overview, and a reading from Mark Dever's "What is a Healthy Church?".

Hopefully a nice variety of solid biblical matter . . . maybe we'll EMERGE on to the national scene with guys like Dan on the air!! . . . did I REALLY use that word???

Mike Howard, "Host"
Bible Burgh program

FX Turk said...

Somehow, this blog became all Dan, All the time ...

Mike Westfall said...

Looks like part 2 is already up for download.

Listening now.

a_simple_bloggTRotter said...

Why don't we get a dose of Spurgeon?

Was it because I was answering "off topic" comments?

Really, I am sorry.


Mike the Bible Burgh Host said...

DJP "Grand Finale" on Bible Burgh on WORD FM 101.5, Pittsburgh, this Sunday night, 6/29/08, 9:00pm . . . online at


Mike Howard
Bible Burgh