21 November 2008

This Is Where I Am Today (part 972)

by Phil Johnson

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This Is Where I Was Yesterday

hour 1 | hour 2

. . . and I'll see you at Grace Church Sunday morning.

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Mike Westfall said...

Yeah, heard you on the show yesterday. Was wondering if anyone else would notice...

Mark Sohmer said...

But are you as freakishly tall as the freakishly tall one???

And did you use any of his Purell?

FX Turk said...

The Freakishly-tall one pushed the eschatology button and Phil didn't bite. I was very impressed.

Strong Tower said...

972- funny and true, a rare combination

bhuston said...

Can I get the Wretched T in an XL?


Nash Equilibrium said...

"Wretched" radio and TV... a marketing idea that won't last long.

Mike Riccardi said...

Is the audio from the Truth War conference going to be available afterwards? I followed the link but didn't seem to find anything.

g said...

Cool. I DVR this every night. Wretched is one of my all time favorite shows.

American Missionaries said...

I heard you too on the Way of the Master radio and enjoyed every minute right up until you attacked KJV Bible believers. I've also looked at some of your sites and it seems to me that you love to bash those of us who happen to read KJV. Maybe you ought to do some research yourself on the subject while leaving your one-sidedness at the door. Some of us have actually studied the issue (but of course that makes us the backwoods people). Second, what's the deal with you so-called "reform" people and attacking baptist. I've heard it from more than one of you. Granted that not all Baptist churches are perfect, but they have towed the line a lot longer than you guys have. I don't hear them attacking you from their pulpits, but I have heard them attacked from yours on several occassions. Maybe you need to clean your house their before your attack ours.

bhuston said...


What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? And why did you duck the question?

Nice interview.


"Some of us have actually studied the issue (but of course that makes us the backwoods people)."

Phil doesn't bash people for merely reading the KJV. That's a gratuitous ad hom. and pure nonsense. AM, the central problem with your rant is that it fits the stereotype that KJVOs are unloving, prideful and ignorant people who cling to and make a 400 year old translation (that is clumsy compared to the ESV and NASB) an idol and a distraction to all those Scriptures about gentleness,respect, meekness and Christian kindness - whether recited in old English or otherwise.

So I'd suggest that you do a careful reread of Phil's articles on the subject before walking away and congratulating yourself of your tirade here, because the only you're going affirm is the prejudices that so many in the church already hold when it comes to KJVOs.


Anonymous said...


I just finished listening to both hours. You are very quick on your feet answering the questions Todd fired at you. I visit this blog quite a bit but I am fairly new to Way of the MasterRadio. they have some excellent online resources.

You guys talked about your son who is a cop. You mentioned that he made an arrest around or during the Anna Nicole Smith funeral? You said you had the video on your iPod. Is the only place the video can be seen, on you iPod? Could you, maybe, post it somewhere? Just curious brother.


DJP said...

Try this.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan.

Phil Johnson said...

American Missionaries: "Maybe you need to clean your house their before your attack ours."

That's rich, since every accusation you made is utterly groundless:

1. I have never once "bashed" anyone for reading the KJV.
2. I preach from the KJV.
3. I am a Baptist.

Let's just say I'm less than in awe of the scholarly thoroughness you boasted about.

atruefaith: "What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? And why did you duck the question?"

1. that would be a toss-up between balut, a badwich, and several different varieties of worms and insects.

2. I didn't really duck the question; Todd read it as part of a long list of questions from Mr. Turk, and after getting me to answer the podcast question, he never came back to the weird-food issue. Todd's not an easy man to keep up with. I'm still exhausted.

(We taped a full episode and several segments for the TV program before doing the radio thing. I really don't see how Todd does it every day of his life. I thought I was busy, but . . . wow.)

Isaac said...

AM -

I think it would be an extreme mischaracterisation of Dr Phil's (Todd's term not mine) views to say that he "bashes" KJV only-ists. He merely said that those who are the least qualified to have an opinion are the ones who most often wish to have the debates.

-- I've just read phil's response above and it is clearly more adequate than mine.

In all likelyhood AM probably regrets saying what he did (especially if he listens to the podcast again) so we can forgive the outburst.

I was surprised that you said so little about the KJV thing, Phil? Did you agree with Todd that since the KJV is the one that has been used for a very long time (i.e., more than four hundred years if you include the Vulgate).

In short if the Syrian text has been the basis of biblical knowledge for the last 1700 years then why should we accept any others?

FX Turk said...


That's what you get for mentioning the KJV on WOTM. 2 hours of air time, 4 minutes of KJV, and suddenly you're a basher -- a meat-chub-wielding basher.

bhuston said...


I wasn't serious about the whole "ducking the question" thing, but still you should try to keep up. Even if Todd does suffer from Adult ADD you should still try to answer every trivial question asked by one of your cohorts - for the sake of true Christian charity.


northWord said...

Excellent show, Phil, well done.

One of the things I appreciated was when you spoke about how in your early days of Christiandom you'd been feeling (what was it?)particularily inadequate..spiritually lacking or something..and that when you began studying the life of Spurgeon and saw how he'd suffered in a similar vein that it was a great help to you. erm-I've probably hacked away at that part of the segment with my poor recollection! but I do know I was blessed by it. Thanks :)


Solameanie said...

I was tempted for a moment to invite Dr. James White into this meta, but that would make me the equivalent of a cyber-Snidely Whiplash. Or perhaps the little kid on the playground who says "let's you and him fight."

The long and short of it is that I recommend James' book on the KJV controversy. Worth reading.

Mark Sohmer said...

I just watched the video of the two of you together on the wayofthemasterradio.com site, and now I have an answer to my question on whether or not you're a freakishly tall as Todd. Now I know you're a normal height like the rest of us!

But you ducked MY question on whether or not you used his purell!!! ;)

beencalled said...

Man, i thought i watched this episode, but from the content of these comments, i'm not sure anymore. Is this the episode where you spoke on postmoderism? Or have you been on the show before and i've missed it?