14 November 2008

What I preached the Sunday after the election

by Dan Phillips

The month Pyro was dark also happened to be the month leading up to the national election.

In part trying to "be there" for readers while Frank was very occupied and Pyro dormant, I upped posting at my blog to about 2X-3X a day. It was eclectic, as usual. A lot of it had to do with the election and was political analysis, news/essay links, discussion, attempted persuasion, bullyragging, etc. Some cheered, some booed; a head or two exploded with a satisfying pop!

As "partisan" as I'll get here is to say that I believed it to be an important election; and, I've gone to bed happier than I did the night of the 4th.

Meanwhile, my pastor had asked me to preach November 9. The Sunday immediately following the election.

God bless 'im, Reddit has never yet told me what and what not to preach, a trust that I take very seriously. He didn't this time, either.

So, given how passionate I'd been about the election that had just taken place, and given the discussion we just had here about politics — some readers might wonder: What would I preach? That would rather be where the rubber meets the road, mightn't it? A number of kinds of sermons would, I think, be arguably appropriate. Which kind would I preach?

The answer, for anyone thus curious, is: this kind.

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DJP said...

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but once again: this isn't the place for partisan discussion of the election, please. Nor (as I hope is clear) is that at all what the post is about.

Rob said...

I'm looking forward to checking this out. I'm particularly fond of post-election sermons (particularly when the election results are, erm, unfavorable).

Matt said...

Thanks for the link, DJP. Your voice is so different than what I would have imagined. It's so smooth and easy. I was expecting a rough, gravelly voice that would be more in keeping with a mean Calvinist :-)

Ben N said...

Great sermon!
A gospel without edges is no gospel at all.

It's so transparent that you really love to preach. And you're good at it too. Rare combo :)

Do you actively look for a pastor position?

DJP said...

A world of "YES!", Benjamin.

And thanks for the kind encouagement.

Stefan Ewing said...

Now I have to be in suspense until I have an opportunity to actually listen to your sermon....

Can you give a teaser, like which text you preached from?

DJP said...

It was in the Bible.

SolaMommy said...

DJP, did I really just hear you say "a nice little bag of foreskins"?

Great message:) Thanks for sharing!

DJP said...

Others will have to listen.

Perhaps I said "man o' war fins."

Or "spandex jerkins."

Or "ragged moleskins."

Or "backyard floorings."

Michelle said...

Solamommy, I heard what you heard, y'know, about the little bag ...!

That made an impression, but not as much as the passion with which you preach, Dan, and the conviction, and the thoroughness, and the depth. And you pointed unashamedly to the cross and the one true gospel, offensive as they are to the world. A rarity today.

Btw, I nearly fell off my chair at 49:21.

Oh, and you would be an excellent narrator for an audio Bible!

Michelle said...

Stefan, you asked for a teaser. Hope I haven't given a spoiler.

Dan, your "spandex jerkins" and "ragged moleskins" immediately made me think the two twits from Tintin.

Gilbert said...

Damnation, bags of foreskins...I'm glad Dan took the edges off the sermon. I just wish it was 10 minutes so that my latte wouldn't get cold...

(Serious hat)

Dan, you're just a man, but if I preached a tenth as good as you, I'd consider myself successful. Don't stop preaching THE Gospel, the truth, the way and the life. Nicely done. And for God's sake, some church hire this man! What ARE you waiting for?!?

And yes, I do wonder why people where crosses around their neck and even in the church. Replace it with an electric chair, and suddenly, that becomes bad. I understand why many do...and that's OK. But not for me...

(/Serious hat)

Stefan Ewing said...

Ummm...I'm going to hazard a wild guess and say 1 Samuel 18:17-30?

Stefan Ewing said...

Dan wrote:

"It was in the Bible."

See now, that right there sets you apart from a sadly significant number of "preachers," apparently.

Anonymous said...

While we await a new Congregational Leader (I attend a Messianic Congregation), I gave a similar message a few months ago, but it wasn't, alas, as forceful and concise as yours. This was a good lesson for me.

UinenMaia said...

What Stefan just said in the most recent comment ... yep. That and the fact that I said to my husband when media player loaded it, "look, 57 minutes ... when have we ever seen that?" You are clearly set apart.

Excellent sermon. Here's an encouragement that's a little off the normal path: I particularly like it when someone attempts to read the Bible in a tone that appoximates a live person writing. You read Paul well. It made me want to listen to the rest even more.

Thanks for a Saturday listening that was much more edifying while I was folding laundry than my normal ruminations!

DJP said...


Listless, toneless, dispassionate Bible reading is one of my pet peeves.