02 May 2009

Not Easy Being Green

Saturday Bonus: An off-the-cuff rant about environmentalism, paganism, pimped-out Bibles, and market-driven evangelical faddism
by Phil Johnson

    don't even remember doing the following interview, but Will Moneymaker dug it up somewhere and added it to the GraceLife Pulpit's collection of my sermons (and miscellaneous other recordings):

Is God Green?
(mp3 audio download)

The interview was prompted by a post I made here last September, titled "The Bible as a Fashion Accessory." Apparently I did this interview by phone later that same week. I have only the vaguest recollection of having done it. So I don't know how Will managed to acquire the recording, but there it is, for your listening pleasure.

Pilgrim Radio is an amazing ministry, perhaps the most edifying lineup of radio broadcasts you will find anywhere. Music is a buffer for the teaching broadcasts, which are laid out each day like a college class schedule. They prefer complete sermons rather than the half-hour format of most teaching programs, and the guys at Pilgrim generally have a good nose for great teaching.

The Pilgrim home office is in Carson City. They broadcast into several western states. But you can listen to them on line.

They broadcast sermons of mine occasionally and have done so for several years. Whenever I get a letter or e-mail from someone thanking me for my radio broadcast, I know that person has been listening to Pilgrim. They are currently airing my series on the Ten Commandments (between Matt Chandler on Luke and Mark Driscoll on 1 Corinthians).

I mentioned Will MoneyMaker, who manages the GraceLife Pulpit Website. He's the genius who puts my sermons and other things on line. He has more written articles of mine than I have at my own website. I'm grateful to Will for finding all this stuff and putting it out there.

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candy said...

Yay for Pilgrim Radio! I live in Reno and Pilgrim Radio changed drastically years ago when Tom Hess became a Calvinist. Out went a lot of programming that was somewhat trendy, and in came excellent teaching. BTW, most of, if not all, the folks at Pilgrim Radio attend the same church I attend. I think it is the best Christian station I have ever heard.

Terry Lange said...

How did you and Driscoll end up on the same radio station??

NoLongerBlind said...

He's a good man, that Will Moneymaker.

Mentored me when I took over the recording ministry at my church.

Thanks, Will! (And Phil for YOUR ministry, here, and at GraceLife!)

Tom W.

Citizen Grim said...

Al Gore is a paper pastor for a lot of people.

Chris said...
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Russ said...

In light of "Something to Bear in Mind While Choosing What to Watch on TV " I deplore "'pimped ou'" Bibles" in the title as inappropriately worldly usage. It is not Christlike to REact against evil, by which we make evil our measure, even if unwittingly, rather He demands that we ACT according to His Perfect, Supraerrant* Word that alone is sufficient to guide us.
*=I no longer use the compromised ICBI & "inerrant" that wickedly allowed for an erring Genesis chronology (exhaustively refuted at www.creationontheweb.com), substiuting "supraerrant" by which I mean God's Word is ABOVE error, not just without it, Himself declaring what error is or is not, thus not subject to it.

Mesa Mike said...

Green is Good.

Just ask the Chinese workers
who cater to our idolatry.