19 July 2009

Are We "Original Thinkers" or Witnesses?

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt comes from Not Sufficient, and Yet Sufficient," a sermon preached Sunday morning, August 24th, 1890, at the Met Tab, London.

n these days we are rather overdone with "great thinkers." Wherever you go you hear of "advanced thinking," "modern thought," and so forth. It is true that ten bushels of the stuff are not worth half a farthing in the estimate of those who hunger for spiritual food; but chaff takes up much room, and as the wind blows it about it excites great attention.

A fourth part of a cab of doves' dung, worth nothing in ordinary times, fetched a long price during the famine in Samaria; and to-day, when there is a famine of true theological learning, a great fuss is made concerning the crude speculations of vainglorious "thinkers."

I do not believe the apostle ever tried to think upon religious matters otherwise than as the Spirit of God taught him. He was content to abide within the circle of inspiration. I pray that we may never travel beyond our orbit, and quit the divine circuit of revelation. I find enough in my Bible to think about without going beyond that sphere.

If we should ever exhaust Holy Scripture, we might then try to think something "as of ourselves"; but as we shall never do that, we may be satisfied to tarry in revelation as in a land which floweth with milk and honey.

Let us not aim at being original thinkers, but at being witnesses and heralds of what God says to men. Our Lord Jesus strove not to be an original thinker, for he said, "My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me."

The Holy Ghost does not speak as an original thinker; for the Lord Jesus said, "He shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you."

As we have reminded you before, the original thinker of the Bible is one of whom it is said, "When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own." We are not wishful to emulate him in such originality. We are not sufficient to think anything as from ourselves!

C. H. Spurgeon


PuritanReformed said...

Amen Phil.

NiftyDrewFifty said...
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NiftyDrewFifty said...
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JOYce ~♥~ said...

Oft the best intentions to delve into The Spurgeon Archive unfolds in reading Pyro's weekly dose.

Another of many Philippians 4:8-9ers ~ thanks!

Ken Abbott said...

If by "response" one means stuffing one's fingers in one's ears and shouting, "La, la, la, I can't hear you," then, yes, Andrew Sullivan has issued a response to Charles Spurgeon.

DJP said...

That's what Drew does, Ken.

He tried some sniping before, was answered, and dealt with it with a "La la la, here's another cut and paste."

We do have memories, here, Drew.

NiftyDrewFifty said...
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DJP said...

For newcomers: here is where Drew exposed himself / jumped the shark.

Nothing has changed.

Bobby Grow said...

I agree that scripture is clear; but let's not forget that old paradigm of inner and outer clarity.

Michael said...

Innovation and novel ideas hold within themselves a certain trap. Perhaps like a dripping honey comb full of africanized bees. I find myself pleased when I discover that something I thought of by myself has already been documented and tested by someone much smarter than I. How different are we in this way, compared to the world?

David Sheldon said...

Let us not look for revelation or prophetic thoughts outside the Scripture and be like the devil! (There goes that prince of preachers trying to be vague again!) He was nice though - he did say - "I" and "if we" and "let us"! When our sinful hearts look SOMEWHERE else they are in actuality looking TO SOMEONE else! The same Spirit who breathed out the Word will refresh our hearts and minds to walk in the ancient paths (Jer. 6:16) Great quote!

Nezzy said...

Your name drew me in. Who doesn't love a good fire? I enjoyed your blog. I am kid's church director and Sunday school teacher of pre-teens. Gotta' love them!!!