08 November 2009

"New Doctrine"

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The Following excerpt is from "Christ’s Servant—His Duty, and Reward," preached 3 August 1862 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

     know the proud flesh wants to serve Christ, by striking out new paths. Proud man has a desire to preach new doctrine, to set up a new Church; to be an original thinker, to judge, and consider, and do anything but obey. This is no service to Christ. He that would serve Christ must follow him; he must be content to tread only in the old footsteps, and go only where Christ has led the way. It is not for you and me to be originals; we must be humble copies of Christ. There must be nothing about our religion of our own inventing; it is for us to lay thought, and judgment, and opinion at the feet of Christ, and do what he bids us, simply because he gives the command.
C. H. Spurgeon


Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts, in an age of cutting edge, pushing the envelope "theology".

markbe said...

What does this say about dispensationalism?