04 January 2011

Assorted self-referential trivia: pizzas, publication, preaching

by Dan Phillips

I must admit: offering a post when one knows in advance that the most one can hope for is a distant second-place is a bit daunting. But, you know, I'm not a stranger to the concept of duty. And last Thursday (perhaps you missed it?) already gave me a reminder of life in the shadow of Frank. So, one offers one's widow's mite, as we all wait for the sonorous tones of the master's voice to roll forth tomorrow.

FIRST: some of you dear folks are interested in my annual Christmas pizza. This year, however, I was trying to get over a cold, wanting to be able to preach 2.20 times over Christmas week — more on that, later — and the schedule just got whacked. So, no Christmas Eve pizza.

However, I did make pizza last Saturday. In fact, I made two. Better two than one, and better late than never, eh?

The one on the left is the with-everything pizza, the one on the right is the meat-lovers', veggie-light, no-olives/no-'shrooms pizza. Both were yummy, but we're going to experiment a bit more with the dough.

For newbies, here's some pizza-background:
With making-of pictures, from 2006
Still more pictures, plus recipe, from 2008
SECOND: others of you dear souls show continuing interest in my books, and have asked questions I haven't been able to answer.

Now I can!

The World-Tilting Gospel should be available for pre-order from Amazon either in late April or early May. It may be available for pre-order from Christianbook.com slightly before that. As I always say, when I know more, I'll tell you more. But thank you for your interest. Of course, a healthy pre-order would be a great thing.

THIRD: earlier I mentioned preaching 2.20 times over the Christmas weekend. That included a sermon on the Sunday before Christmas, a Christmas Eve mini-sermon, and a sermon the day after Christmas. If you like, you can listen to (or download) the full sermons I preached on Sunday, December 19 and Sunday, December 26. (The Christmas Eve mini-sermon is not online.)

To wit, offered to the world by the generosity of Sun Oak Baptist Church and pastor John Kane:
Immanuel (12/19/10)
Rich Gifts, Unopened (12/26/10)
There y'go.

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DJP said...

LOL, and we're already off to a terrific start! You won't see it, but the first comment submitted was... a SPAM comment! Wa hoo!


James Scott Bell said...

I continue to hold that olives go with pizzas the same way Justin Bieber goes with Beethoven.

But SPAM has possibilities...

JackW said...


naturgesetz said...

A fascinating first paragraph.

But anyway, pizza without mushrooms and olives is like pizza without sausage. I almost said "sausage and anchovies," but I have to admit that, as enjoyable as anchovies are, they are not at the other items' level of requisiticity (or should that be "requisitality"? — okay, "desirability" but I really wanted something a tad stronger, but not so strong as "essentiality").

word verification: rehed — deher spelled backwards

J♥Yce Burrows said...

Pizza. Viewing those DO look yummy while the belly bell is ringing "feed me". Torture.

Book. smiles

Sermons. Thanks!

Thanking God for you: always ~

Rachael Starke said...

Yay for the new sermons! I got an awesome little portable speaker system for my iPhone, so will happily test its limits with them!

And don't get so down about Frank's recent blogging feats of derring do. I compare you two to my two favorite restaurants here in the Bay Area. Both make incredibly beautiful and delicious food. One does it using the molecular gastronomy approach- freeze dried this, essence of that. It's food as theater, and it's almost always amazing (with the occasional inevitable, um, exception).

The other does it much more simply - excellent ingredients, skillfully prepared, lots of slow cooking/roasting techniques. Careful, yet unpretentious, presentations. Soul-satisfying flavor.

And guess which one practically requires bribery to get into on a Friday night?

Halcyon said...


I started listening to one of your sermons.

Has anyone ever told you that you sound like John Malkovich?

DJP said...

No credible person, no.

Stefan Ewing said...

"No credible person, no."

DJP for the win with the snappy comeback.

Halcyon: it has come up before, but none of us are very credible.

He looks like Malkovich, too.

DJP said...

...says the Canadian who's never seen me.

The Squirrel said...

I like pizza.

Mike Westfall said...

I really don't know what naturgesetz is talking about. In my house, anchovies on the pizza are mandatory. Else it's not a pizza. Something pizza-like, perhaps, but not pizza.

Halcyon said...


Touche. 8^P

100 Mile Pants said...

More sermons to listen to! YAY! We were listening to you preach on "The Fear of Yahweh" in the car just this afternoon...

Great news on the book. Colour me excited.

DJP said...

That's awfully sweet to hear.

In other news: turns out my publisher may actually ask me to get readers' feedback on proposed book covers. Is that cool, or what?

Stay tuned, gentle readers.

Stefan Ewing said...

Didn't know being Canadian was a reflection on my character, except that it means I can withstand cold temperatures.

I see your likeness every time I read this blog. You're better looking than John Malkovich.

DJP said...

No character crack, just means you're far, far away from sighting areas.

P.D. Nelson said...

Dan do you know if your works will be coming out on kindle? Got one for Christmas and I have been adding books to it would like yours.

Thomas Louw said...

The pizza on the right pass it on...
No, not a piece.. the PIZZA.

Downloading your sermons, your that John Malkovich guy ?

Cant wait to see the cover of the book.

J♥Yce Burrows said...

Dan, up to you and your dear Valerie if this book(revised or original version) interests ~ thought of you both this morning when pulling it from the kitchen shelf.


Happy baking, folks!

DJP said...

Thanks, Joyce, I passed that word along.

J♥Yce Burrows said...

You're welcome ~