27 January 2011

Wanted: a few good (and immediately-available) readers

by Dan Phillips


So, here's the deal: I have a ready manuscript. It is full, it is complete, it is quite long, and it is all-me. That, I have.

What I need is a few good readers, just maybe 3-5 of them. Here's what I need one or two each of:
  • Busy pastors
  • Homeschooling moms and/or dads who attend conventions or HS group meetings
  • Bible study leaders / Sunday School teachers
  • Seminary/other-institute professors or teachers, and students
  • Or published authors
And here's what I will need from you, to help me make the pick:
  • You've got to be available to read this long manuscript like now
  • You've got to be a book-buyer
  • You've got to promise to keep what I send you quite to yourself
  • If you're a pastor: where, what denomination, around what size?
  • If you're a teacher: where?
  • If you lead a group or teach a class: what age-range?
  • If you're a homeschooler, what is your participation in the larger HS community?
  • What's your education-level?
I'm looking for a spread of age, sex, education-level. High-school grads, PhD/ThDs, all-good. The point of all that is to spread a demographic, and gather some marketing-type information. So a hermit in a cave wired for the internet won't help. See?

You may either comment with all the information here, or email me at filops, then @, then yahoo.com. When you comment, please also supply me with your email address.

Remember, I'm just going to pick a few. I mean, I have to leave some over actually to buy it when it comes out.

So maybe nobody's interested, or everyone's too busy. Or on the other hand, maybe 100-300 will apply. So that will mean I'm going to have to disappoint 95-295, for which I express my regrets in advance. But 3-5 or so will get to see and comment on what almost no one else has seen as of yet.

Sound like fun?

One last thing: I aim at making my choice by no later than 7pm PT today.

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Anonymous said...

I don't fit any of those categories, alas! No category for young engineers, eh? I will wait eagerly to see your book on the shelves then. And I'll try to be patient.

Tom said...

Not interested, Sensei.

Jesse said...

I could do it. I'm a Baptist pastor in Western NC. Congregation size of 90ish. And I just happen to need something new to read!

Anonymous said...


I'm willing to help, if you're willing to use me, but I won't be disappointed if I get passed over. I'll just have to wait until the finished product hits the shelves.

I'm a Sunday School Teacher and becoming a regular (just heading into a twice a month or so schedule) Sunday evening short-sermon-preacher with 2 years of Bible college and no seminary training(yet). Attending a Mennonite church in South-western Ontario, Canada. (About 2 hours north of Detroit, 1 1/2 hours north of Port Huron MI.
Also an architectural technologist (I draw buildings) by day, working at home, for myself.

I like to buy books although I buy too few for my liking. Currently well into "The Death of Death" a little into Sproul's "Holiness of God" and planning to start into "The Potter's Freedom" as soon as I'm able.

6 kids, 4 in school and 2 still at home.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot my e-mail.


Hayden said...

I am a busy pastor that reads lots of books that is transitioning my church from an established church to a church plant. My wife and kids are going out of town in February for 2 weeks to visit family so I will have some time to help if you need.

Here is my email: hnorris1973@yahoo.com

Hayden said...

by the way, my demographic is that I am a pastor of a church around 50 people and we are going from being Baptist to possible Harvest Bible Chapel.

Greg Wilson said...

I am a busy pastor who reads a lot.I pastor a Bible church of about 300 and I buy too many books.I think it would fun to be able to help you, but since many are called and few are chosen I won't get my feelings hurt.

Solibond said...


I will do it for you if you want. I am a bible study leader in a Reformed Baptist Chruch, a teacher in a Presbyterian HIgh School (PCA) and am actively pursuing homeschooling--take those last two and make your own conclusions. I am an avid reader and have reviewed writing before! I (for further demos) live in Alabama, went to school in California (Masters) and come from Washington (went to Crossroads Baptist-now Community). Bring it on.

DJP said...

I'm getting a nice flow of email also; thanks. Keep it up.

Two things:

1. I just updated the post a bit, so please look it over.

2. Please do answer the questions in the post.

candy said...

Hey Dan. I teach at a Christian elementary school, previously at a middle/highschool level (Christian) and am an avid reader, but you already know these things. :) I'll be happy to read if you need me to do so.

Nathan Richard said...

I'm willing and able. Father of two who helps homeschool, Sunday school and small group leader at a EFCA church in Lima, OH. Also an avid reader and book buyer. Email is nlrichard28@gmail.com

Robert said...


Instead of sending my millionth e-mail, I'll put here that I am 38, have a bachelor's degree, live just outside of Houston, Texas, and I am a process engineer in the oil and gas industry. I'm married with two boys, ages 9 and 7. My e-mail is doulosbygrace@gmail.com

The Blainemonster said...

Throwing my hat in the ring!

40 year old father of 5 boys (homeschooled, with 2 now in public high school) and husband of one wife. Licensed minister and associate pastor (music/youth) at an A/G church, though I myself have very reformed tendencies (SHH-don't tell!). Degree from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO. I typically have a stack of books I'm happily working my way through (Sproul, Mohler, Packer, Tozer, Spurgeon, classics, adventure). I can be reached through Blogger :)

colet1499 said...

I might be interested if I knew more about the project. Namely, just how long it is and what are your deadlines.

I have taught adjunct at a number of colleges for the last 10 years. MA in the NT and a PhD in historical theology.

If you are interested my email is dso227@aol.com

Unknown said...

My name is Matt Foley, I am 35 years old, thrice divorced...and live in a van down by the river. I also eat a steady diet of government cheese.

Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Rudd said...

married, white male. 37. seminary grad (Grand Rapids Theological). pastor in a historically baptist (former GARBC) church avg. attendance 1000, located in Muskegon, MI.

i will be honest with you.
but you already know that!

bishoprudd at gmail com

Anna said...

I teach for a one-day-per-week private/homeschool blend. I'm 34, with a degree in English education and a mom of a one-year-old girl. I have taught Sunday School, and I occasionally teach women's Bible studies. I've done some editing for Reformed pastors on manuscripts before, as well (Danny Hyde, Mark Wright).
My email is cameryn_nc@hotmail.com

Mark B. Hanson said...

I am ruling elder in the PCA, responsible for the adult Sunday School (and teacher for at least 50% of the year). I am also responsible for acquiring books for the church library.

Our church also has a homeschool academy, of which my wife is the administrator. We successfully homeschooled our daughter from 8th through 12th grade (she's now a college graduate med tech).

I have a BS/EE from Michigan State, and have been a "reading Christian" for more than 35 years (20 - 50 books a year). I am available to start right away and can spend 1-2 hours a night most nights.

marson[no space]khan[at]comcast[dot]net

Solameanie said...

I'd love to, but knowing my schedule, I'd probably better pass. However, I would love to buy the book when it comes out. A workman is worthy of his hire, after all!

Stefan Ewing said...

I'd love to, too, but I'm juggling so many pots on the stove right now, and it seems like you're on a tight timeline to get this thing read and collect feedback.

Tribulation Road said...

Dear Phil,
I was a homeschooler in the 90's, I used to be on staff in the preschool department,Castle Hills First Baptist, San Antonio: George Harris, pastor, and on staff, preschool department, First Baptist Ft. Lauderdale, O.S. Hawkins, pastor, in the 80's and
90's. I have recently self-published my end-time novel, TRIBULATION ROAD, which is available on line through Xulon Press. Last week I began a blog to promote my book and to offer a venue for believers to share their thoughts on the end-times and the second coming. It is tribulationroad.blogspot.come. I have made four posts and you could see my point of view and a little of my writing style.
Oh yes, I a Calvinist and am interested in helping you!
Thank you,
Joy Ross jmrbtx@yahoo.com
P.O. box 722
Bandera, Texas

Andy Chance said...

I'm available. I'm an associate pastor at an SBC church in Hammond, LA.

I'm busy; I write our small group material, preach some, am working on my Doctor of Ministry at Southern Seminary, and lead our college ministry.

I'm also a home-schooling dad of six, but I'm not highly involved in our home school association.

Contact me at andy@crossroadshammond.com

Monica said...

I am a homeschooling mom of 4 (ages 1-6). Currently, I live in the L.A. area. I am involved in a weekly homeschooling class, in addition to a large homeschooling co-op in the South Bay.

I would be happy to read your book. Please contact me if you have any more questions

My e-mail is: mfearnsi(at)aol(dot)com


Kevin Jackson said...

Dear Dan,

I would be happy to help out (and excited to read what you've written). I am both a homeschooling father and a Sunday School teacher and small-group leader at our local church. Currently I am teaching Junior High Students in Sunday School, but will soon be transitioning to teaching an adult class (I've taught just about every level from 4 and 5 year olds through adults, with the exception of High Schoolers).

As far as homeschooling goes, we have been very active in the past in our local HS groups, but that has fallen off a bit as the group itself has fizzled; however, we still stay in touch with many of our fellow homeschoolers via email lists and at church.

I am an avid reader and book-buyer (some would say it's an addiction, but I would take exception to that (: ). I am also a college graduate with both a BA and an AAS (the first one didn't take, evidently).

In other words, please pick me :)


Kevin Jackson

Steve said...

I would love to do it. I am 29 years old, a husband, father, business manager, sunday school teacher, and I preach once a month or more at my church (Plymouth Brethren - Bible Chapel). I love to read books on theology and Christian living. And I have a business/music/theology degree. Pick me!!

Steve said...

Sorry about that. My email address is Revtwentytwo@aol.com.

Halcyon said...
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Halcyon said...

BTW, I am a proud homeschooler alumnus, having been homeschooled from 7th to 12th grade.

Jay Miklovic said...

Young (30) United Methodist Pastor of a congregation of 120 average attendance. I'd be interested. That is if you want a methodist.

DJP said...

We have UMC readers?

Now, that surprises me.


DJ said...
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Jay Miklovic said...

DJP - You have more UMC readers than you may think... I grew up UMC answered the call UMC, then after that discovered the doctrines of grace and the reformation, there are many others like me.

btw email: jmiklovic@bex.net

Merrilee Stevenson said...

I understand that many are called and few are chosen. But I am obediently submitting my name because my husband told me to do so, and I read last week's posts about husbands and wives. ;-)

I'm a SAHM, late thirties, BA in English from Western Oregon University, and can read. I only got one book for Christmas, so I have time to read, and would be honored. I do have a blog, so I am (ahem) "published." :-)


Terry Rayburn said...

Just a friendly tip to all commenters for current and future reference:

When writing in a public forum like this, disguise your email address like David Rudd or Monica did above.


Because spammers harvest the www and if they "stumble" across yours in a medium like this, your spam can skyrocket.

DJP said...

L, I B. I always wondered why people did that.

I learned something new!

I can go to bed!

The Squirrel said...

Oh, Dan, I wish I could! I really wish I could! Just too much on my plate right now to give it the right now attention that you need. I'll just have to wait until you send me that autographed first edition...


Unknown said...

is it possible to be a day late and a dollar short? Of course! just in case you didn't find what you are looking for.. 57 yo church planter busy teaching on sunday's who lead small groups for the last 22 years who has work in the business world for numerous companies and am an ex chiropractor at that. you might have all the demographics right here.

I hope it goes well for you.

Nate Mital said...

Don't know if I fit the parameters exactly but its worth a try. I'm a 20 year old college student and an avid reader of anything that has to do with Christ. Email is natemital @tamu.edu. Hope I can help in any way!

M said...

I am currently a student at Reformed Theological Seminary, pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at New York University. As a student, reading (actively and with comprehension) is my full-time job.

I also teach sixth graders at youth group every Sunday evening.

I am between classes, so while I have plenty of reading to do, I could certainly make time to engage a manuscript. My e-mail address is matthew.d.schultz "at" gmail.com

Lori said...

I am a homeschooling mom of two (ages 7 and 6) involved in a classical homeschooling group. I have a Master's in Educational Leadership with my undergrad degree in History education (Secondary Education)--but please, don't hold that against me...

Lori said...
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Lori said...

okay...disguising my email... lovinec2 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I'm a bivocational pastor/public school teacher. Busy, but fit all your criteria and willing.
Dave Futral

James said...

If you still need people, I'd be happy to help. I'm one of the pseudo-pastors of the English congregation at a Taiwanese Presbyterian church in SoCal. By pseudo-pastor I mean we don't have an officially ordained English pastor, yet, so the other leader and I teach on Sundays and do other pastorly things but we're both a year or two shy of entering seminary. (We do have a head pastor who also serves as the lead pastor for the Taiwanese group.)

Our English congregation is about 25; our Taiwanese group about 15. We're formerly PCUSA, now independent (which is just fine by me). In case anyone's looking for a Taiwanese Presbyterian church, our website is www.tpcjoy.com =)

24 years old, graduate of UC Berkeley. And if it helps, I do have a bit of editing experience - I was the managing editor of the premier (also, the only) student-run conservative political magazine at Berkeley for two years. And if you're not looking for editing experience, well, now at least you know that there is a conservative student-run political magazine at Berkeley!

My email is fullmer[dot]james[at]gmail[dot]com

Unknown said...


I'd be happy to help. I am a homeschooling father and lay leader at my church.

Homeschooling: I have 4 children at home, ages 2 through 7 (and expecting a fifth in April)! Our family is involved in the Christian Home Educators Association of California, and we attend homeschooling conferences every year. We also lead a homeschooling co-op with 4 other families from our area.

I also lead a weekly bible study at my church for adults and teens (about 20 in size) through the book of Romans. I'm in my fourth year leading that study.

I am a book-buyer and a reader with a BS in Engineering.

Looking forward to reading your work! Thanks.

--Joel Hendley
hendleyfamily [at] me [dot] com

wordsmith said...


HS mom of two children under 10 (participation in the HS community - email lists); adjunct math instructor at a local community college; educational level - MS; age range - late 40's. Loves to read.

Contact: askeladd (at) mc dot net.

Scott Ross said...

What is the subject? I too have a manuscript about to go to the publisher and wouldn't want there to be any implication of siphoning material should the subject matter be similar.

DJP said...

It's called "The Life and Times of Scott Ross." Why?

ba-dum bum


Larry Thompson said...

I would be happy to read if you want. My name is Larry Thompson. I am a member of Travis Avenue Baptist Church (SBC) in Fort Worth, Texas. I teach a class of 70 or so people in verse by verse Bible Study each week. Most of the members are 40-60 years of age but we have some over and under. My pastor is Mike Dean if you want a reference.
I am an attorney. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology (sorry I didn't know better at the time) with a minor in English, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. I am 59.
I am a Calvinist. I study and read continually in the Bible as well as commentaries and theology books. I buy both commentaries and theology books. I can give you a list on request.
I have did a proof read of a novel within the last two years for a professor.

I enjoy your blog and would be happy to assist if it helps you.


P.S. I could not get your email to work. You can email me at larry_thompson_ada@yahoo.com

Larry Thompson said...

so after all that I made a change and created a grammatical error. Sorry.

Michael Campbell said...

I can. I am a bible study leader, Sunday School Teacher, I read 5-6 books a month so i can fit you in. I lead adult bible study and Sunday school (all ages)I have some college including some bible college. I am male, 41. Looking forward to reading either now or in the near future at full sticker price.

Patience said...

Dan, I forgot to say in my email I am a 22yo female and an auntie of four ;-)

Solibond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stefan Ewing said...

...And the coach comes onto the field to score the winning goal, with the Comment of the Day at 3:27 PM PST!

Grateful for Grace said...

I am intrigued. I am a homeschooling father, my wife and I are vice presidents and participate in our local hs group. I also am a children's leader for the Kerrville BSF group. I have a BA degree. My email address is pbrouse@hotmail.com.

Paul Brouse

Lorne said...

Hi Mr Phillips:
I am 40 and have grade 12 with one year of Bible college. I am an elder, pastor, Sunday school teacher, and Bible study leader. Part of a small (20-30 people) reformed, conservative church in British Columbia, Canada. Would be honored if considered as part of your project.

Jeri Tanner said...

Too late most likely, but if you need one 54 year old high school graduate lady who previously homeschooled, teaches a ladies' discipleship class at her S. Baptist church and is also involved in biblical counseling, I'd love to help.

ColoMeli said...

37-year-old mother of 5, married to the pastor of a small Baptist church (40ish people), who is also the chaplain for the sheriff's office, Civil Air Patrol chaplain and participant in a religious panel that debates in a public forum once a quarter. (We both qualify for the "busy" description. Ha!) We homeschool our oldest 4 but are not involved much in our homeschooling association. I have a college degree in Home & Family Management and read constantly; recent books have included missionary biographies, theology, historical biography, historical fiction and child-rearing. I am the executive director of our local pregnancy center and work with teenagers every week. E-mail is jason_melindaclark@juno.com

Kent Hartsell said...

I'd be honored to help.

Adult SS Teacher, Taylors First Baptist Church, Taylors SC. Age range is officially 30-40 yr old, but actually a little wider than that. Male, 43, BA in Psychology from Clemson (Go Tigers).


Jim Reed said...

Hi Dan.

I found your blog through the Spurgeon Archive and I have to say, I enjoy reading your posts. I don't agree with everything but you do make me think!

I would love to read your manuscript and help in this task. As a layman, I have taught Sunday school classes, mid-week Bible studies and lead small groups at churches with which I have worshiped and served. I was homeschooled through High School, have ~3 yrs of college education and a vocational certificate in Software Development. I am a senior Quality Assurance Analyst with a privately held firm in NE Ohio and have previously worked in fast food management and construction.

While I am middle-of-the-road on many of the Catholic vs. Protestant, Calvin vs. Armenian and Augustine vs. Wesley issues, I do hold to the Gospel of the full sufficiency of the merit of the finished work of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection according to the scriptures being received by grace alone through faith alone in repentance towards God and confession of Jesus as one’s Master and Savior and that both faith and salvation are free gifts from God initiated by God though no merit of our own.

I can’t say that I’ll agree with what you have written but I can promise that I’ll analyze it according to the scripture and seek God as to how He might speak to me through it. I will give you my honest opinions on its consistency internally as a cohesive whole and faithfulness externally to the scriptures. I will address any perceived strengths and weaknesses, with an emphasis on where your arguments might be improved, even the one with which I may disagree.

My email address is faith at jamesarthurreed dot org.

Thanks for considering me and I look forward to reading your book, either now or when in print!

JB said...

Hit me, Dan. I'm a teacher at a small classical Christian school AND I lead a singles Sunday school class. I'd love to be able to read and make appropriate comments, and I hope I'm not too late for consideration...!

JB said...

PS - I'm 35, have a bachelor's degree in history, currently applying for grad programs all over the country. Oh, and I was on Jeopardy! Hence, the profile pic.

Email address: jbrown3816@gmail.com

DJP said...

Thank you so much, all of you. I have ~170 emails in my folder to go through.

I appreciate all of you who applied; very touching and encouraging. Picking is... yikes. I'll just have to pick!

A lot of people I'd like to meet, a lot of pastors whose churches I'd like to visit.

One more time: thanks so much for your interest. I'm grateful and humbled (and, at the same time, very encouraged).

thomas4881 said...

What if I read all of Deuteronomy in 2 hrs the other day?

DJP said...

In Hebrew?

Gregg Metcalf said...

I am willing. I am planting a church and leading a bible study. Would love to. gmetcalf73@comcast.net


Jim Reed said...

Oh! I promise to buy a copy anyway (several if the final product is any good-I *like* to give a way good books!); does that help? ;-)

Robert said...

You should just host a conference out in lovely California...then we could all come visit you. Although, I'm not sure how the public would react to a Pyromaniacs conference 8o)

(Of course, I'm just inviting myself to tag along with all of the really interesting people you were talking about meeting.)

Thomas Louw said...

Too late.
Hi. I’m a 34 year old father of two. I am working as a general manager in auto motive industry.
A former associate pastor of a Baptist Church of about 70, all ages.

I have a LTH in Theology. Trying for a Masters in Theology

I know I am late but maybe you don’t have any South African in your mix.(A man can hope)

I will move my MacArthur commentaries, Frame, Grudem and Hendrikson stuff aside for this one.

thomas4881 said...

Not Hebrew, but close. The ESV AKA essentially word for word translation.

Bill said...

I lead a small group study,or house church - age range 20-62.

I say house church, since it is the only church around here for some people - some attend a local Calvary Chapel as well, which I will not say more about.

We are formulating a statement of faith, based primarily on the London Baptist Confession of 1689, but it will have to be much more succinct, without losing the meaning of the Scriptures therein.

This is in preparation to offer membership based on these teachings - we hope God will be pleased to either bring a pastor to us or raise one of us to be such.

My education is some college (a semester long ago at Logos Bible School - I left to get married - long story), personal study (able to use Greek tools fairly well, still need to learn it fluently), and more personal study, as well as listening to various pastor/teachers from time to time.

If you would have me to do it, I will peruse your book.

In Christ, Bill Hier

DJP said...

Still deciding. It's being awful.

The most difficult factor besides the volume of offers (which is a GREAT thing) is that I'm trusting my ms. to someone, and many of those who offered are not regular commenters, so I don't "know" them. You know? Fingernail-biter.

Jason Kanz said...

Ah, but Dan, ideally you won't "know" most of the readers of your book either. Perhaps this will present a great opportunity.

Monica said...

Does it count if you "know" regular commenters IRL?! LOL!

DJP said...

Huh? Do I know you? Do I know I know you?

DJP said...

(I don't know that I know I know you.)

The Bible Christian said...

Hey Dan

Got it right this time

Just because someone may not be a regular commenter, doesn't mean there not a regular everyday reader... Just Sayin!

DJP said...

What some may be missing, though, is giving my ms in electronic form is a bit like giving one of my kids for babysitting. I do have to have a basis for trust, you know?

The Bible Christian said...

How do you trust someone you never met? That's a great question!

Hayden said...

I am a regular reader and infrequent commenter. Does that count?

DJP said...


Robert said...


I was wondering how it was going for you seeing as there is such a large amount of people who read the blogs. There are so many people who always say they have been hesitant to comment the first time they write, so I am guessing there are plenty that you're hearing from for the first time. Anyways, just wanted to encourage people to pray for you in your decision because it can not be easy to find the right people to trust (in so many different ways).

Bruce said...

I saw how many responses you had, and boy, am I surprised. I thought maybe two relatives and no Pyro colleagues would step up to the plate. I was going to offer to read yours if you read mine. (Available free to any interested parties on PDF: Practice Makes Perfect: Christian Education Viewed as Initiation Into Christianity as a Practice.)
Best to you, my friend.