02 September 2011

This Is Where I am Right Now

by Phil Johnson

This weekend:

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Robert said...

I can't wait to go to my first Shepherd's Conference next spring, Lord willing. Maybe next year, y'all can do a Psalm 119 conference down here in Houston. I bet my wife would even make some of her amazing desserts for y'all! (Oreo truffles, monster cake, apple pie crumble, symphony brownies, ice box lime cake...and many more to choose from)

FX Turk said...

Apple Creek, OH, is a lovely place this time of year.

Rob said...

Are you required to ride horse and buggy to the Psalm 119 conference at Fairlawn Mennonite church?

donsands said...

I was able to sit and listen to John MacArthur speak, preach, and teach the Word of our Lord, and explain the Gospel.
I was overwhelmed in my soul by the truth spoken. I surely understood this truth, and these truths, but once again it was wonderfully edifying. What a Savior we are blessed by and with. And our Father in heaven is beyond words.
Pastor John is such a fine shepherd of our Chief Shepherd, and he surely tends and feeds Jesus' sheep.

Thank you for posting this. It made my afternoon after working.

Have a joyous conference and Lord's day, and holiday!

Matt Aznoe said...


No, but you may want to leave your iPad at home. ;-)

Actually, I once knew a Mennonite who was a very good computer programmer. He later quit and became a missionary to Brazil. They are not adverse to modern technology, but they do strive for a more simple life. In fact, we could learn quite a few good things from our Mennonite brothers.

Stephen said...

Comments on the actual session sermons aside, I have to complement the music aspects of the conference. Is this what you get to hear every Sunday, Phil? It's quite a lift from the rather bland (if I may say so, as a very very amateur classical musician) of another big name "old calvinist" conference who will remain unnamed in central Florida.

On a similar note, Phil, do you happen to know the source of the music that is streamed in between sessions? Not the live choir/orchestra, but the filler that the stream guys put up during the breaks. I'm specifically referring to a stunning Organ and large men's choir (maybe a full men's congregation) live-recorded rendition of "It Is Well with My Soul" that played in between your session and the astronaut guy.

Thomas Louw said...

Phil did you really have to flaunt it so.

Why not just say. “Sorry guys I have more important things to attend too and other people to bless today.”

Now you go and put up the “Wish you were here” post. :}
I wished that our time zones weren’t so far apart, so could watch it. Hopefully you’ll upload. Maybe you know someone with some influence.

You know, you still owe us at “Grace Fellowship Pretoria” when your back allows it:)

Do enjoy.

Joe said...

Psalm 119 is all about righteous ones (i.e. those who need no repentance [ref Luke 15:7]) who keep the Law of Moses (which sets them free from sin [ref 1John 3:4]), the 'Perfect Law of Liberty' [ref James 1:25; cf Psalm 19:7; 119:44-45; James 2:12] versus the wicked who willfully transgress the Law and are lost. Yikes!

Pam said...

One might be surprised what we Mennonites drive to Bible class.
God has been so gracious to me to allow me the Bible based heritage that was given to me, not to mention the devotion to prayer that I have been able to observe in the elders. Mennonites are like all others, liberals and true to the Word-ers.

Sharon said...

All the music heard at Truth Matters was representative of what we offer every week at GCC. I say "we" because I have had the privilege of being a part of the music ministry staff for 32 years now.

Please send me an email (available on my profile or link from gracechurch.org/music) and I will be glad to help you identify the selections used over the last 4 days. We are glad that you were blessed!

Dr Bill said...

Hi Stephen, the "filler" music you heard is a potpourri of recordings by Grace musicians and highlights from Grace services. Unfortunately, both of the recordings you mentioned are not presently obtainable. The organ music is from a CD by our organist, Stephen Sturz, entitled "Pavilioned in Splendor," which is currently out of print. "It Is Well" is an unpublished recording of a moment of congregational singing from the 2007 Shepherd's Conference. I am very thankful that this was a blessing to you. Our desire is to get recordings such as these either in print or available online, or both, but you'll need to be patient with us until such a time as that becomes reality! Thank you for your encouraging and kind comments.

donsands said...

I am longing to attain a copy of Pastor John's sermon on the righteousness of God. I suppose it was his 2nd message. I'm sure you will post how to purchase the CD, or DVD, hopefully.
It was the best sermon I have ever heard on explaining the Cross being the righteousness of God. It was magnificent, truly.

Sharon said...

Grace To You tweeted that all the messages from the Truth Matters conference will be available for free downloading. Check the conference web site here

donsands said...

Thank you Sharon. Have a terrific holiday in our Savior's promise of joy and peace for us, His beloved. What a glorious Lord we have.

Martins said...

We had a great time at the conference.The people,the music and the teaching were a blessing to us.We met so many folks searching for a bible teaching church.So glad to hear about GraceAdvance.

Christopher said...

We had a great time at the conference this past weekend; the teaching was awesome and it was really nice to meet you in person.