06 October 2011

The Dog Ate My Homework

by Phil Johnson

his week I'm traveling and speaking pretty much all week. Several people (including some in high places) have more or less demanded that I write a reply and follow-up to Tom Chantry's post from yesterday. I'm working on it (between other commitments) but it's looking like I won't get it online till noon or later Friday.

So forget packing a lunch. But eat a good one and savor it. Then (hopefully) I'll see you after.

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PS: If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, perhaps I can literally see you tomorrow afternoon.


Scott Shaffer said...

I'll be there tomorrow & Saturday with my son.

Frank Turk said...

Phil Johnson never misses a deadline.

I had a punchline which compared him to the angel Michael contesting for the body of Moses, but I decided the content was "too soon".

Tom said...


I'll be in the Dallas / Ft Worth area Sunday and Monday for work.

donsands said...

May our Lord fill you with His Spirit and wisdom as you teach His truth, and may the ears that hear embed this truth in their hearts, and have their minds encouraged and built-up in the Word and faith. Amen.

Have a outstanding Lord's Day! May our Lord return soon! Amen. His will be done. Amen.

Frank Turk said...

James MacDonald walks it back and offers some apologies:


As a fellow sinner, props to Pastor MacDonald.

Manfred said...

When I was just married and still in college - final year of an Architectural degree plan - I was a few hours away from finishing a 6 weeks long final project. My bride and I were going somewhere and she advised me to put my drawings up so the puppy dog could not get at them. I pooh-poohed the idea. sigh

When we returned to our little apartment, our "first child" has destroyed only one drawing - the bird's eye perspective of the site that had taken me the most time to draw. This was an important teaching point at the time - and has remained one for the 32 years that have since passed.

Love my puppy dogs, but they can into trouble: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=910_1317268174

Robert said...

Thanks for posting the link, Frank. I am glad that he modified that statement, but I still don't think we should share the stage with heretics. That is, unless we are clear and say that we don't believe they are Christians based upon their false beliefs and we are going to evangelize to them. The lines need to be drawn clearly so that nobody is confused. I certainly don't think that we have any Biblical model for doing something differently. I certainly don't think that adding an African Amercian pastor with sound beliefs undoes the harm that is done by inviting Jakes...in fact it is almost akin to what we'd call "the token black guy" in a movie or TV show.