05 October 2011

Open Letter to James MacDonald

by Pastor Tom Chantry (as told to Frank Turk)

I know why you came to this link. You came here looking for this post:

Which is to say, you came here to find some dirt on someone who once posted one post on this blog.

Until Tom's difficulties are resolved, that post will remain in DRAFT status on this blog.  Meaning: nobody cared about it until about Tuesday of this week, and now nobody can use it for things it was not meant for until such a time as  its obscurity can be restored and we can all live peaceful lives and work quietly with our hands.

I abhor your curiosity, and I regret that the current events are such as they are.  But Tom Chantry is my friend, and that is not because of any virtue in him but because Christ has made us both His friend.  I cling to Christ, and in clinging to Christ I am also holding Tom and all associated with this current circumstance close to Christ so that He may resolve it for His good pleasure.

I suggest you do the same -- especially if this is how you are spending your free time.

I am also directing you to this link for exhaustive comments on how one should deal with a situation like this one.

The comments are also hidden and closed.

Until there are better times for all of us, Grace and Peace to you.

~Frank Turk