17 October 2013

On The Record

by Frank Turk

UPDATED: I now have 5 or 6 takers for this offer. Thank you for your interest. I will get back to you regarding the results of those inquiries.

Yes, I am on hiatus.  Still.

I'm breaking into Hiatus because the Strange Fire conference has lit up many heads with tongues of fire decrying Dr. MacArthur (though tellingly: not Joni or R.C. Or Conrad Mbewe) for the conference and its content.

The pervasive complaint has been that there's all this talk "about" Charismatics, and not talking "to" Charismatics.

Let's change that.

I am willing to sponsor a conversation with any willing, serious and sober charismatic here at TeamPyro in spite of my alleged hiatus.  I can record it as a podcast, or we can do it via e-mail as a written exchange.  My only requirements are these three:

1. There must be a limit.  If it's audio, it must have a time limit -- 60 or 90 minutes.  If it's written, some sort of content limiter like 10 questions each and a max word limit for responses and questions.

2. There must be fairness.  That is: I expect that you will ask me clear and direct questions, and I will answer them; but when I ask you clear and direct questions, you must answer them.

3. It must be completely and totally unedited after the sound check is complete via audio, or after the initial establishment of terms is complete via e-mail.

And here's the massive bone I'm going to throw in:

I am willing to concede, for the sake of this discussion, D.A. Carson's interpretation of 1 Cor 12-14, so that we are not squabbling over the hermeneutics of the issue.  That is: since you want that passage to say, "well, of course the gifts will continue," you got it, and there's a sober and serious person who agrees with you.  I concede on that point - now let's talk turkey.

e-mail me at frank@iturk.com.

I reserve the right to accept one and only one person to do this with, and I refuse to be shamed for not dedicating the rest of my life to this topic.  You want to talk to us and be talked to about this?  This is your chance.  Find someone you think will make the best of this shot and let him or her contact me.

Ball is in your court.


Jon Swerens said...

So, that guy who rates every post as one star... You should call him Lonestar Runner. It's DOT COM!

Luke Wolford said...

James White, on the most recent DL, talked about being willing to try and bring the two sides together. He mentioned, specifically, Michael Brown and Phil Johnson. Maybe you could contact James and put together an epic podcast debate on the subject.

FX Turk said...

I want to debate this like I want a hole in my head. I'd talk about it, and demonstrate why I don;t believe a word of what they say, but "debate" is impossble and pointless.

FX Turk said...

I credit James for going to the mat on this subject.

DJP said...

He is? Terrific! I thought someone said White was willing to host someone else going to the mat on it.

Luke Wolford said...

DJP: That is what I meant to say. Sorry I wasn't clear.

Luke Wolford said...

Frank: From listening to James, I don't think he is going to the mat. He seems to be withholding judgment on Strange Fire until he has actually looked for himself at what was presented.