30 October 2013

Update: On the Record

by Frank Turk

The primary reason for this post is simple: I'm on hiatus.  I tried to come up with an explanation for that statement, but the analogy to drunkenness or other vices wasn't flattering to either you or me, so we'll just let the sentence stand on its own merits.

Two weeks ago, I issued an invitation to anyone who was a continualist/charismatic -- by which I meant anyone offended by the Strange Fire conference -- to have a dialog with me either by audio or e-mail.  As I noted in that post's update, there are 5 or 6 people who have offered to take up with me.

However, because those conversations are not yet evident here, some of you might be inclined to think that perhaps the "other side" got cold feet when they realized what they had gotten themselves into.  That is not at all the case, and for that reason I'm posting this note for the sake of your conscience and the sake of those who do want to engage the topic but have not yet really had the chance.

The reason there's nothing here yet is because I am on hiatus, and frankly I can't get my schedule right-side up to have these conversations.

I am hiatus.  Be patient.  Have Mercy.


Anonymous said...

So technically you're on hiatus from hiatus.


LanternBright said...

Wow. Now we have a TWO-Star Hater...

Jim Pemberton said...


Turkly. ;)

I hope the hiatus is going well and look forward to the revelation of the eventual fruits of the discussions.