08 May 2006

A quickie

Picking the N. T. Wright scab one more time
by Phil Johnson

If I had any kind of clout, I would use every means available to try to induce Carl Trueman to write for PyroManiacs. I've never met Carl, but aside from his musical tastes (which seem as eclectic as mine, but in a totally different direction), he seems like the kind of guy I would never tire of listening to.

Carl writes for the reformation21 blog. You ought to read that blog, even though the experience is sometimes more like eavesdropping on a private conversation—mainly because of all the inside jokes and pseudonyms. Following threads is hard, because these guys don't ever use links, comments, or clear references to previous posts. (It's sort of like the Boar's Head without any booze or bad theology.) So it takes a little effort to follow the conversation. I don't always get it. But it's worth the effort to try.

Anyway, here are two comments in a thread begun by Trueman that perfectly and succinctly express one of the main complaints many of us have with the reflex response we get whenever we dare to express any kind of disagreement with Bishop N. T. Wright:

Read this and this.

Be sure also to read the thread started by Trueman's post on satire and humour over at reformation21.

All they need over there now is some comic-book art.

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Kim said...

Ugh! Phil.... only a boy would use the phrase "picking the NT Wright scab one more time." It sounds eerily like something my 11 year old might come up with some day!

I know I'm just being a girl.

Kim said...

I hope you know I'm not being critical of your title; it certainly got my attention.

Phil Johnson said...


Darlene's response was exactly the same: "Ugh!"

She was going to try to talk me into changing it, but the phone rang and she got distracted. Now it's too late. So I thank you for your comment.

Darlene said...

...note to self..when proofreading important blog...don't answer ringing phone!

Momo said...

To the other Pyros: please don't try posting right over the top of Phil on his own blog unless your last name is "Spurgeon."

To Phil: I absolutely love the new pics and can't wait to post again so I can use five or six of them.

Carla Rolfe said...

Oh Phil...

after landing on your strange foods site over the weekend, your title for this post didn't really surprise me. Gross? Why yes it was, but it was appropriate.

It makes me wonder though...

Many ECM folks seem to hold Wright up as some kind of hero. Oddly enough, the words of Anna Nymous ring quite accurate of the ECM folks as well.

This constant "you don't/can't/won't/never will understand us!" has been a rallying cry from this camp since the very first email I received nearly 2 years ago when I first wrote about it.

Is there some kind of twisted-humility thing going on with being able to lament about not being understood?

Again, just wondering. Now put a band-aid on that thing, it's looking sort of angry.


Screaming Pirate said...

As a guy, I would like to whole heartedly endorse your sub-title. It fits perfectly.(*gives you an internet high-five)


Now the question is it going to puss up or bleed?

FX Turk said...


I'm just glad you didn't get entangled in a controversy over using gross language. You would never get that book done.

Steve said...

Phil said about Reformation 21: "Following threads is hard, because these guys don't ever use links, comments, or clear references to previous posts."

Thanks, Phil, for explaining that. I had always had a hard time following Reformation 21 and wondered if I was just too stupid to figure it out.

As for the title of your blog, it's perfect. In fact, soon as I saw the title, I knew it was YOU and not one of the other Pyros.

Darlene can answer the phone all she wants.

Steve said...

Carl Trueman said (in the link provided by Phil): "Chesterton was a Christian satirical mastermind: he knew that if we want to get certain people to think, then self-mockery, satire, and knockabout humour with a sting in the tail is a far better way of doing it than serious, direct pontification."

Ah, yes. Chesterton most definitely would have enjoyed Phil's comic book graphics. Some early ones especially come to mind. :)

Dr Thomas said...

The thing about the understanding (or not) NT Wright is that you can not summarize his conclusions shortly. For example, take his comments on the parables in Jesus and the Victory of God. He makes an expansive case that the parables (for the most part) are temporal critiques of the leadership of his day. Specifically, they are intended to show the leaders that they have abandoned thier proper role of proclaiming the God of Isreal to the gentiles and have instead choosen the path of violence culmanating in the revolution of 66 AD.

Now if you try to tell this to your average bible reader, who is used to reading the sermon on the mount as though it is a series of timeless truths you usually get blank stares. The only people that don't give blank stares are those that have read the 600 page case that NT Wright made for his claims. After reading all that it seems like it makes a decent amount of sense.

Kim said...

Screaming Pirate:

You just robbed me of the desire I had to eat the cookie beside me.

Tony `the Gent' Pinnochio said...

Tony `the Gent' Pinnochio

Careful about puffing that Trueman guy. You might get a visit from my boys -- the scariest mafiosi/open theists in town.

Solameanie said...

I am waiting for some more classic words to be used such as "pustule," "blemish," "furuncle," "eruption," "carbuncle," etc. Along with this we can use words such as "kerfuffle," "flap," "row," "donnybrook," "flapdoodle," and "Katie Bar The Door."

Just don't use terms like "popinjay," "martinet" or "poltroon." Those might result in a resurrection of the Code Duello.

Okay, I'll stop now. I don't want to have to pay royalties to Stridex or Clearasil.

Tom_B said...


suppurating pustulence, what was that Batman?

IB Dubbya said...

Come on! Is homey's name (Carl's coextempraire) really 'Iwana Tarrenfetherem,' or am I just so "out of touch" to even be asking???


IB Dubbya said...

BTW ~ extempraire: somebody who makes things up.

(...I weeeild this mighty sword called Language...)


marc said...

I for one am offended when so-called Christians go around satarizing and using humor to make theological points. You of all people should not be endorsing or linking to this kind of thing.

Deeply Saddened,

Solameanie said...


I think you need to re-read Scripture and see how satire/sarcasm was used to make spiritual/theological points. Do you think the Prophet Elijah sinned against the Lord when he mocked the false prophets of Baal? Did Paul sin when he wished those false teachers troubling the Galatian church would "mutilate themselves?"

Of course, these examples do not give us carte blanche to be nasty, but at times it IS called for. Phil has done nothing wrong whatsoever. Get a grip.

marc said...

hehehehhheh. I love newbies.