20 September 2006

People hate kids.

by Pecadillo

Well it's almost Halloween and it's time for my biannual post on Pyromaniacs. What better time to post about the millions of people that hate kids. What, you don't believe me? Check it out.

This child is not loved and he knows it.

What kind of a sick freak dresses his child up like a whoopie cushion? I don't think it's abusive or damaging to their psyche or anything like that. I just think it's really lame.

REALLY lame.

"Look ma, I'm a trash can!"

When you can't afford a decent costume and lack the creativity to make your own, do not - I repeat - DO NOT turn to Grandma's seasonal tea cozie. It's not the answer.

It's a sad day at Disneyland when Mickey goes crazy and eats the babies...

"Well since my parents hate me.
Duh Duh.
I've got to wear this outfit.
Duh Duh.
It's sad and it's lame and I wanna escape from this family..."

This kid is not saluting, he's trying to gouge his eye out to take his mind off that stupid costume.

Okay, this one's kinda cool... but I'm still very much against this.

But what about the crazy people that don't have kids? What do they do?

You had to ask.

What better way to say, "I don't have kids of my own, and it's a good thing I don't."

Somehow more offensive are the dog costumes.

This offends me as both a dog lover and a Police Officer.

This dog may look happy but don't be fooled, this dog needs rescuing NOW.

C-train, I'm ashamed of you.

For once, I am speechless.

Is it really a surprize that these people have ferrets.

Yeah, these are textbook ferret people.

Wanna know who's responsible for these crimes against humanity, these people and other freaks like them.

They must be stopped. Now.


Kim said...

I certainly hope there aren't any Beagles out there wearing such atrocious outfits.

Neil said...

Doesn't surprise me about C-train.

Stephen Newell said...


Tom Chantry said...

Pecadillo exists? I'm astonished!

Taliesin said...

The guy in the first picture looks disturbingly like someone at work. Given the computure equipment in the picture, the age is about right too.

But I don't know any of the dogs or children.

Taliesin said...

I need a better computure program to check my spelling.

FX Turk said...

I like this fat kid with the computer better than the fat kid who polutes your blog with his hyperkinetics.

Even So... said...

I'm with Cent on that one, Pec, that "person" on your blog has given me a nervous twitch I can't seem to shake shake shake...

Oh, and I want to thank you for helping me to NEVER eat at McDonald's again...

Phil Johnson said...

The geek at the computer and the kid on the couch are from a collection of images Pecadillo has assembled. He refers to them as "Pectators," because they fit his image of what he thinks his most faithful blogreaders must be like.

I think he's a tad optimistic.

Frank Martens said...


Dude Pec... ya gotta make a shirt with your photo on it that says... "I'm a Pectator"

For all your fans.

"I think he's a tad optimistic."

Ya think?

striving... said...

Hey you guys are great. Even on a slow blog day I still get a kick out of you.
Hey centuriOn, I like your site. I have never seen it before. I am going to tell a couple of people about it at church. Looks like their style.

bp said...

Avast! Dressing children and animals up like Wonder Woman, Ducks, and Whoopie Cushions-- I am shocked. My crew and I have never dressed the ships boy up like a Duck or Whoopie Cushion.

Taliesin said...

they fit his image of what he thinks his most faithful blogreaders must be like

Close probably, but:

There's too much light

The computer equipment is too old

He's dressed like he might go outside

The wall doesn't include any insane scribbling.

BTW Pec, I really like your site. ;)

étrangère said...

Pec posted :o



Someone should really do an intro announcement or something before such a shocking event.

FX Turk said...

I think Phil's comments are funny only in the context that I can't decide if this is what he thinks about me, or that this is what I should think about him.

Neil said...

I never read Pecadillo's blog. I'm not like you people.

Fred Butler said...

I consider myself a proud, card carrying "pectator." That photo pretty much pegs me, except for the cig and the greasy hair.


By the way Pec, the next time you come around, remind me to email you some of the photos one of my volunteer sends out regularly.

Solameanie said...

If you think those are bad, how about this one:


There was a joke photo going around earlier this year which spoofed Fisher Price and showed a kid sitting in an electric chair. It was titled something like "My first electric chair." I think that started the ball running. What's next for children's toys? Their very own first gas chamber?

Unknown said...

Hey Pec, I think you forgot this one;)


Pecadillo said...

Hey Candleman

Why is that young Pectator bleeding from the mouth?

Unknown said...

Naw, Pec, that's just a little grape jelly left over from a little PB&J. He's only two, a little sloppy when it comes to my gourmet PB&J's. You ought to see him chow down on this little recipe. Actually he’s been in your kitchen before, he’s kinda tiny though, maybe you missed him. HHhhhaaaaa!


Bewildered Berean said...

Ha, I have that catalog of the kids in costume. Oriental Trading Company! Wacky stuff. And to think they market lots of their toys and candies to churches that have children's church dressed up as carnivals and VBS programs which rival any midway attraction at the county fair.

You gotta post the Superman outfit - the ripped abs of blow-up plastic are a scream.

Theteak said...

We just had a baby - and you've just given us some great ideas!
Thanks Pec.

Unknown said...


This is the first time i visited your blog and its really cool and interesting.

I like that dog in Wonder Women Costume and the one in Police Costume HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

But i really like the baby in Disney Costume (Mickey Mouse) he is just cutest ever.