16 September 2006

Summer's End Blogspotting Special

echnically, the autumnal equinox (marking the beginning of the fall season in the Northern hemisphere) is still a week away. But it was cold last night. Today the sun seems low and a chilly wind is blowing hard. College football is in the air. It feels very much like autumn already. What better on a day like this than a BlogSpotting post?

But, first:

About that little box in the right sidebar. . .

I can't really tell if anyone is keeping up with the Where I Am Right Now® listing in the right sidebar, because no one ever comments on anything there. Shall I keep updating that list, or get rid of it? Give me some feedback here.

Notice that in commemoration of the beginning of Autumn, I've put Glazunov's "The Seasons" at the top of my iPod playlist. "Autumn" is the best-known movement in that work, and I dare you not to like it.

By the way, there are some real musical treasures in the "on my iPod" section of that list. If you see music linked there, give it a listen. My tastes start with the classics, but my playlist is pretty eclectic, ranging from Caribbean to contemporary Hindi. If I link something musical, you can assume it's because I like it. If you want to expand your listening repertoire beyond whatever is popular on the radio or cheesy Contemporary Christian Music, sample some of what's on my iPod. I promise not to steer you wrong.

On the current epidemic of quasi-anonymity. . .

One rant before I start giving links: What's with all the people blogging under their first names only? Furthermore, why do some bloggers omit their profiles or make them next-to-impossible to find? Is this some kind of faux humility? If you are regularly posting strongly opinionated stuff and want be taken seriously, you ought to tell your readers who you are. On the other hand, if you have a good reason to remain anonymous (and I realize there are some valid reasons for that), blog under an honest-to-goodness pseudonym and admit that's what you're doing.

And now, without further ado. . .

According to Technorati, there are a lot more links I could BlogSpot from the past week. I'm guessing nearly all of them are raves for Daniel, who wrote the bulk of what was posted here this past week. (Thanks again, Dan.) However, I'm out of time, and if you've taken time to click on all the above links, you prolly should be doing something else now, too.

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Taliesin said...

Shall I keep updating that list, or get rid of it?

Being on different sides of the great divide, our musical tastes seem to run to different oceans. I tend to like one person with a guitar or piano - to much rock as a youth has taken away my ear for subtle distinctions. But I like seeing what your reading and check some of your links, so I hope you'll keep it.

Fundamentally Reformed said...

Allright now...

Fame     Check

Fortune  ????

gregor said...

Yes, keep the list of reading and ipod; it's just a glimpse into your personal backroom, and besides, you have plenty of room on that right side. I'd forgotten about the altoids tin at the bottom. Haven't been to the bottom of the page lately....

Jeremy Weaver said...

I check out the 'Where I Am Right Now' box to see if there's anything I should be reading. So I vote to keep it.

Steve said...

Where I Am Right Now: Yes, I pay attention--particularly to your book reading. Interestingly, we both read Mahaney's book on humility at the same time. I've wanted to read Calvinistic Baptists, too, but just don't have much reading time to call my own.

Altoids tin: Yes, I've noticed this. First time I saw it long ago, I smiled. One of our boys, an Altoids faithful, got a kick out of it.

New batch of stickers: Just as long as the print run isn't so limited the only way to get one is for big bucks from Tim Challies via eBay. I finally stopped bidding and figured the money better spent on buying a couple more Sword & Trowels.

candleman said...

I vote to keep the "Where I am right now" links too. I have used that as a search on more than one occasion, because I remembered that I saw it there and could quickly find it. Also, while I never mentioned it before, your graphics rock, and I have always like that “curiously strong opinions” graphic at the bottom. It reminds me of ointment balm containers my grandmother (1899-1990) had at her farmhouse. I know God has called you to do what you do, but you certainly could have a carrier in graphic design. They are that good.


and if anyone wants to know why I blog with a pseudonym, it has been explained at the bottom of this post.

Pastor Eldred said...

Please DO keep the WIARN box on the blog.

The pics from Jeff Williams via Team Pyro have been a constant source of amazement for my 7-year old son and I. Thanks for posting them!

DeathRowBodine said...


Your point about remaining anonymous is well taken and is convicting. Thank you for acknowledging that there are times when there is a good reason to do so. Nonetheless, it is hazardous to do so if the purpose is to remove oneself from Christian accountability.

Upon reflection, I need to take some steps to increase the level of accountablity to Christian brothers as I remain anonymous.

Centuri0n, marginally knows who I am and probably knows of some of the stupidity for which I cannot escape. Hopefully, he will accept the task of keeping me in check.

By the way, what is the deal with all the Arkies and Okies that hang out around here? How is it that a couple of pastors in California, of all places, get such a regional following of a group of weirdos and hillbillies? I am not sure what to make of it all. [grin]


The Enigmatic Deathrow Bodine

P.S. - I too like your section about "Where I am right now." I have tried to use it (to no avail) to anticipate what you might be posting next.

Warren Pearson said...

I love the 'where I am right now' box. It's the first thing I check. I note the books and resolve to do more reading, then jump to the end to check out the funny stuff. The links frequently get forwarded on to others, hopefully as a hook to have them read the substantial part of the pyro post. That's my vote. Thanks again for your great ministry to us Phil in so many ways. You're a real blessing.

Libbie said...

Hmmm.. well, I only use my first name online for simple security identity theft reasons. It's not because I fear 'the wrath of the emergent'.
In fact, my brother-in-law has just started using Nooma videos with the 'yoof' at his church, and he knows my full name, where I live, and he could pretend to be my husband because they're twins. So I'm living much more dangerously in real life than online.

If you really want to know, and you have my e-mail, you could always ask, lol.

I enjoy the little mobile links box, it's a good mix of different things, so I'm for keeping it too.

Kim said...

Nonetheless, she may well hold the record for having been BlogSpotted more than anyone else, ever.

Well, I'd rather hold that record than hold the record for the person who had been clowed by Frankly Turk the most.

Thank you kindly for the link. I hope other people find the sermon as worthwhile as I did.

BugBlaster said...

I like your self-indulgent sidebar thingy. I bookmarked the Matrix one.

bugblaster (my real name)

DJP said...

Thanks again, Dan

It was fun. However, my brain is empty again, and I may have nothing to say for weeks.

Glad you're back!

Kymanika said...

Keep the list. I like the links. Loved the current, Seminary Dropouts one.

Rebecca said...

As for first names only...

There can be very good reasons for this. In fact, I think that for women this is a very sound practice, for safety reasons. I know that some of us who are married tend to labor under the delusion that no one could find us IRL because everything (phone number, etc.) is listed under our husbands' names. To anyone who knows how to use a few slightly sophisticated internet search functions, that is not the case.

Back a few years ago, I got some vaguely threatening emails (along the lines of "Someone should shut you up for good" and "You better watch your children carefully" and "We know where your husband works"). Then when we started having a few mysterious people sit across our little street in cars, watching our house, and zooming away when I walked towards them...well, I decided that maybe posting everywhere with my full name (for the sake of accountability) wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

My advice: if you are a woman and you haven't already plastered your full name all over the internet, DON'T.

If you are a man, and you have a wife and children, please consider their safety very carefully.

Lindon said...

Please keep the sidebar list. I check it out regularly. Good stuff.

I'm with Libbie, I use my first name for security reasons. Being a single mom, I think it is best. However, by e-mail with certain persons who seem trustworthy, like Frank, I use full disclosure. :)

Also having visited other Christian Blogs, I am always amazed to see someone's zodiac sign listed in the profile. That is what comes from filling in all the blanks! No thanks.

My age and weight are state secrets.

centuri0n said...

Dan said:

However, my brain is empty again, and I may have nothing to say for weeks.

Like that ever stopped you before.

And as if you expect anyone to believe you don't already have a post ready for Tuesday. Tell us something we'll believe at least ...

4given said...

I have only been clowned once by Turk, Kim... I think :-/

I love your blogspotting posts. You do a lot of homework that I selfishly get to pick and choose and benefit from and I appreciate the time you put into it... actually, I appreciate the time your whole team puts into this site and proclaiming God's Word. It has always both challenged me and edified me.

My full name is already plastered all over the web. Thankfully I have a church that prays fervently for me and also holds me accountable to what I write. That wasn't so when I first started blogging. It has certainly been a learning process.
I have gotten stupidly paranoid lately, but I have to say... even though my full name is out there, and the location of my church is out there, and anyone can likely find out where I live, etc., if we all sat on our rump paralyzed by paranoia, than what would be accomplished? I am not saying to blatantly go looking for trouble... learned the hard way how stupid that is... but also do not fear serving the Lord, boldly out of love proclaiming His Word of Truth without compromise. Remember who is ultimately in control.

Lisa Nunley

(By the way, I have posted as 4given, 4ever4given, and lisa4given... not because I was trying to come across as 3 different people, but because sometimes I would just plain forget.)

thebluefish said...

Shall I keep updating that list, or get rid of it?

Keep it. I'm sure there's already been a few items from it I've been provoked to go and get hold of.

Rey said...

On quaisi-Anonymity:

Sometimes its because someone with kids fears anonymous surfers enough that they don't know if one of them will do some good ol' fashioned stalking. They don't want to think up some really fake pseudonym like BloggerBlue0223 but they use their first name or a shortened version of it because it's easy to remember.

Better the psycho you see and know than the psycho that creeps on you unawares.

Taliesin said...

However, by e-mail with certain persons who seem trustworthy, like Frank, I use full disclosure.


I don't want to be guilty of GBA here, but Frank associates with Phil and Dan.

Phil = pyromaniac
Dan - likes to have picture taken holding a big LOTR sword

I'm just saying, if it were me, ...

Phil Johnson said...

Regarding my rant on quasi-anonymity:

I should have made it clear that I'm not talking about homeshool moms and lay people. I can understand why a female blogger wouldn't want her full name and info plastered everywhere. I think that's wise in most cases.

I also am fine with someone like "Jethro Bodine," whose persona is obviously a pseudonym but who claims no pastoral authority.

I'm not even suggesting that obviously pdseudonymous bloggers owe anyone an explanation about why they want to remain anonymous.

What I am concerned about is the growing number of people who blog as Christian leaders. In their profiles they claim they are pastors or elders, but they blog only as "John," or "PastorMike" or whatever. When I link to someone in the blogspotting posts, I prefer to use their full name. What takes me longer than anything in writing those posts is the detective work required to hunt for non-existent profiles and names. It's both irritating and troubling to see someone who expects to be treated like a pastor and who claims the credibility of a pastor but who for whatever reason wants to hide behind a cloak of anonymity. It doesn't exactly engender trust.

DJP said...

Frank -- Like that ever stopped you before.

Now, you wait just a minute, Mister....


Okay. Good point.

Chris L said...


I think you missed the point of my article (or perhaps you didn't read to the end).

I fully admit I'm a "western" thinker. The point I was trying to make was not "admonishing [you] pomophobes". I was trying to see if there is potentially an avenue through which to engage post-modern culture in the similarities (and differences) between their culture and that of the First Centure.

Also, I take a bit of offense at the out-of-hand suggestion that the study of Hebrew context (or at least the subset dealing with Eastern vs. Western thought patterns) is somehow false. Or perhaps you're using the term "canard" a bit too loosely? if not, please cite resources supporting this contention.

Grace & peace,


centuri0n said...

I'd also like to add that I need a high-res version of the new graphic to update the t-shirts, and notice: BlogSPotting has supplanted a Dose of Spurgeon as a Sunday event. Nice.

Jim Crigler said...

Re: Problems with private revelation

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post on this subject. You originally mentioned that you had particular stuff you wanted to say about Bill Gothard and Henry Blackaby --- folks that even fundamentalists and Southern Baptists (please don't call us S.B.s!) have at one time or another followed in large numbers.

Re: Internet exploder

Firefox is calling your name. I heard it in a personal message from God, brother ;) <---- smiley for the humor impaired

candleman said...

Lindon - "Also having visited other Christian Blogs, I am always amazed to see someone's zodiac sign listed in the profile.

On Blogger, don't fill in your birthday info and the zodiac stuff won't come up. When my wife, saw that it was included in her info, she figured out what caused it and once she removed her birthday info, the zodiac stuff was removed from her profile.

Jim Cringler - "You originally mentioned that you had particular stuff you wanted to say about Bill Gothard ..."

I agree, I would love to know Phil's take on Gothard's ministry, expanding upon the sentence or two I have seen from time to time on this blog.


Luke said...

Okay, since this seems to be a weekly round-up type forum, maybe it's the proper place for me to post this. I stumbled on Pyromaniacs, oh, a week or so ago. I thought to myself, "Stunning graphics! Interesting, provocative, well-stated posts! I don't agree with everything (or even much) of what they say; but who cares. Maybe this is a place where Christians who don't share all the same premises can dialogue--where iron can sharpen iron."

I posted something under Dan's Straw Men and Slippery Slopes article (under lukeandrachael); I promptly received a cryptic comment from Dan about inferring an implication of my own making. Huh? I posted again on part 2 of the same installment; Taliesin had a brief but gracious response, but that was it. No real dialogue followed.

Now I understand that there are very many valid reasons for not responding to posts. I'm not at all miffed about that. But I do find myself wondering about the mission statement of Pyromaniacs: Is it supposed to be the sort of place I was hoping for, a place for lively and honest questions and debate between believers who don't hold all things in common? Or does it see itslef more as a source of encouragement for those who already share the convictions of its authors?

Certainly the latter is a worthwhile endeavour. Just wondering if I should keep posting, or just read for my own enjoyment. Peace. luke

Tom Chantry said...


Your point about anonymity is well taken. I've changed my profile accordingly.

Carla said...

I always enjoy the blogspotting, it's a nice way to discover new blogs or posts you weren't aware of.

As for the Where I Am Right Now® listing, YES please, keep that there & updated.

As for Dan's empty brain, I don't buy it. Even if he did quote H.I. from Raising Arizona at his own blog. I'd need more proof than just that. :o)

A homeschool mom who's full, real name is plastered all over the internet.

SB said...

I commented on your post here:

Julie said...

I comment using my first name only because I always link it back to either my website or my Blogger profile (which takes people to my website). I don't feel like I'm blogging anonymously or trying to pull one over on someone.

The main reason for doing it is I don't want every Google search on my full name to turn up ever last comment, guestbook, or forum post I've ever made in my life. I'd rather Google take people right to my own website straight away, instead of someone trying to find my website and ending up on some blog that I left a comment on three years ago (which is what happens when you Google my name, and which is why I started using my first name only). The less I have a full, searchable name out there on other blogs, the more I feel like I have control over identity issues online. I always, however, link back to my own website which very clearly states who I am and how to contact me.

Taliesin said...

Luke, sorry I did not respond. Last week was busier than normal, and by the time I saw your comment the thread looked pretty dead to me.

Phil (Dan/Frank) will have to answer the "mission statement" question. As a fellow reader/commentor, I think the discussions here are good. Not without faults (I'm here, so there's bound to be some problems) but better than a lot of places I've seen. I'm not lock step with the theology here, but I'm fairly close, so ymmv.

SolaMeanie said...

Hmm. Phil, you've given me food for thought.

While my identity is no secret (and Solameanie is a bit of an "inside" joke explained in my original blog post), I have been somewhat cautious for the following reason. In our counter-cult ministry, we have been the recipient of threats on occasion.

However, as I am an excellent shot, I don't worry about it too much. (wink)

Seriously, I should give some thought to just putting my name out there on the main page..especially as I do more apologetics-oriented writing etc. One can't really do much in that field using a pseudonym.

Joel Griffith
(Solameanie - a typical mid-40s grouch reminiscent of Bob Dole. Like him, I have the charisma of a doorknob and the tone of the neighbor telling the kids to "get off his lawn.")

gator96 said...

I like 'Where I am Right Now', please keep it. BTW, God willing I'll be seeing you at the Brandon Biblical Theology Conference next month.

Rob Wilkerson said...

Filippe! Thanks for the mention...And thanks for continuationist perspective on continuationism. That is, thanks for continuing to hang on tight to the gospel that unites us together, despite the fact that I'm a TMS grad with a spice of charisma.

Cindy said...

Count me among the fans of "Where I Am Right Now." I like it and always check it out.

And someday I'm going to get more into classical music, so keep the recommendations coming!

(Hmm...contemporary Hindi? Oh-kay...)

Cindy said...

Oh, and by the way...I can attest to the fact that Joel Griffith, alias Solameanie, has MUCH more charisma that either Bob Dole or a doorknob! Joel's one of the funniest people I know.

Dave said...

I like the list I think it is fun to know what is going on in your life.

so keep it up.

Dave Davis

Anonymous said...


You may have already been encouraged in this direction, but please, keep the list in the right sidebar. I am always intrigued at what other Christian leaders are reading, and have found some of your selections either very refreshing or very challenging to my own thinking and faith. Very worthwhile addition and I thank you for it.

Brad Meyer said...

I tried, but they were mean and distracted me on MY OWN BLOG so I couldn't say what I wanted to say...
Who loves ya baby?

John H said...

Thanks for the clarification about your objections to anonymous posting only applying to pastors and other Christian leaders.

For the rest of us, semi-anonymity is really about privacy. I'm not ashamed of what I blog about, and my identity is scarcely a big secret on my blog (e.g. try clicking the "Email Me" link for a slight clue as to my full name!). But I don't particularly want my blog to be thrown to the top of the charts if people (specifically, my employer or my clients) google my name.

sparrowhawk said...

Where I am right now column: Keep it.

Where do you learn about all your musical selections?

jc said...

John H,
Why don't you want employers and contacts knowing what you write about?